fri, sep 17, 2010

part 1:
A. Power Snatch - 2 x 4 sets - 75-80%; rest 3 min
B. Power Clean + Power Jerk - 1.1 x 4 sets; rest 3 min
C. Med Ball Reverse Overhead Throws; 90% - 3 reps/set x 5 sets; rest 2 min

rest 6+ hours

part 2:
Sprint Row 35 sec @ 95-100%
Rest 2:25 x 3
rest 6 min
Sprint Row 35 sec @ 95-100%
Rest 2:25 x 3
(record avg watts/rd)

post loads, notes and watts to comments


Angelo Fosco said...

Anychance someone can explain part C in part 1? The reverse med ball throws. I have a feeling my gym may not like me doing these...but can we do them against a wall like wallball or should we be doing them free or?

Brent Maier said...

Is the program tapering off to peak those competing in the USAW competition or the big dawg competition, or both? Anyone recall?

Bear said...

A 60 kg
B 80 kg
C 8.7 kg brick

Angelo: I was thinking like the strongman toss the wonderful OPT3-weekend (, but going for length and not height. I had to go for height, because I had to fit into a 3x8 m area.

David said...

Part 1
A. 60kg
B. 80, 85, 91, 95kg
C. Done with a 20 lb D-ball

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 1:

A. 150# all sets
B. 225, 230, 240, 250(Failed PJ)
C. 15# med ball, done for height b/c of restrictions.

Notes: Failed the clean at 250 on first attempt, tired this morning. Got the clean the second attempt but not the jerk..seeing as 240# is my PR for PJ i'm not terribly upset. I got under it but couldn't lock it out, next time. Also, thanks Bear for the help! Appreciate it!

Martin Altemark said...
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Martin Altemark said...

Brent: I think next sat is set for peak

A. 50kg, 55kg, 57.5kg
B. 80kg, 85kg, 90kg (f!)
C. 4kg medball

Failing a 90kg PC+PJ is besically totally tragic and shows very much that I am still sick. Competing next weekend seems far off, since still being sick and haven't been able to do a good session two weeks prior to competing.

No part 2 (accepting the facts), and no moving at all tomorrow as a last chance of getting better.

Coach: how long after a ~1,5week heavy cold you think you need to not destroy yourself during comp (5 WODs at most during 1 day) to let body recover?

I'm thinking if not 100% on monday then it's just stupid and might destroy me totally?

Steve said...

Part 1:

A. 165/170/175/175
B. 230/245/260(pr)/270(pr)
C. 20# Med Ball

Pwr snatches didn't feel great. Pwr Clns felt good, PR'd both PJ and PC so feeling good about that. Med Ball throws will be a new Meathead WOD at my box after today....

BK said...

A. 125,115,115
B.195,205,215,220 (f)
C. 20 p ball
no spunk this morning.

Krazy said...

A. 145 all

B. 205-215-225-235PR on PJ
C. 20# Med Ball


mhamilton said...

A. 115x3
B. 135, 155x2
C. 12 reps of 2.5p RKBS, 3p RKBS x2

Jerks were shaky and kept it moderate. Had to get a little creative this morning for C. Was a class going on so I couldn't throw stuff around. Went with heavy Russion KB swings as a sub. Not sure if that was appropriate! Then did 4 rds of the row as I can't make a second session.

Dustin said...

Yesterday's Training (Forgot to post)

A. Muscle Snatch - 115, 125,135
B. Front Squat - 255, 265, 275.
C. 20 unbroken chin ups- All unbroken, felt good.

joey warren said...

Part 1. 930AM

A. 155x2x4
B. 195/225/245/265 (PR 5#)
C. 20lb dyna ball

Question: Coach or Greg, my power jerk is about the same as my split jerk, should I just power jerk or does that mean my split jerk is bad and I should keep practicing that to get it higher?

Steve Howell said...

part 1;
A: 65kgx2/70kgx2
B: 90kg/95kgx1/100kg (pr on pj)
C: 20# D-Ball
10 min rest
part 2;
Set 1= 1:26.2/1:30.6/1:28.6
Set 2= 1:27.0/1:29.3/1:29.2

Bear said...

Part 2

1 588 w (208 m)
2 571 w (206 m)
3 530 w (201 m)
Rest 6 min
4 522 w (200 m)
5 507 w (198 m)
6 462 w (192 m)

Damper on 8, all out. Wasn´t happy with it until comparing with the rowing on the 6th. Then I tried damper on 9 and that crushed my legs. Now I had trouble getting better max, but didn´t crash as hard when counting meters...even though it felt like it ;) Watt-effort sank like a frigging stone.

Curt M said...

Part 1
A) 155 all
B) 205/225/230/235/(240 fail)
C) 15# ball

Last night:
A) 135/145/155
B) 285/295/300/305/310/(315fail)
C) 4 sets due to time all UB

PTS said...

A. 127,127,135,135
B. 175,185,195(f), 195(F) yea I can't PJ at all.
C. 12lb ball. my 20lb ball is busting at the seams so throws arent great for it.

Going to skip Part 2 and will try and hit tomorrows test on Sunday as I am running in the Warrior Dash tomorrow. I will be rocking a god awful moustache and a mohawk. Should be a good time.

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

a) 115, 120 x 3
b) 165, 175, 175 (squat clean), 175(f)
c) used a 40lb sandbell

Jonathan Thom said...

Part 1:
A. 130 pounds
B. 185/185/x/x
C. 10lb ball for distance

Felt WEAK today. 185 should be going up easy but instead was being pressed out - called it a day on that exercise. My cold is better today...but I felt much stronger yesterday when it was at its height. May take part 2 at 75% effort (or skip it altogether) depending on how the bod feels this afternoon.

Participating in Fight Gone Bad with my affiliate this Sunday. Should be interesting. Going to do my best to go at 80% and not blow out my CNS...we'll see how long into round 1 that strategy lasts.

Matt said...

part 1:
A: 155, 165, 170, 175
B: 185, 225 and 235x 2(f)
C: 40#'s of sandbags

1 hour off to coach

part 2:
Set 1= 538/477/484
Set 2= 522/530/484
AVG watts for the WOD = 506

A) Power snatches felt good. I had to press out the last rep but got it.

B) Failed on both jerk attempts @ 235. Not sure why I failed there. My 1rm is 250# for the jerk but both times I couldnt nail the redipping of hips to lockout.

C) Really tried to use explosive hips to throw that darn thing as far as I could.

Part 2: Rowing felt solid even after the row wod I did yesterday.

dmarsh said...

Part 1:
A. 155,160,165,165
B. 220,230,242,242
C. 14#

Power snatch felt great. Power clean/power jerk not so much.

Steve Howell said...

i just noticed I put my 500m pace not my AVG Watts feeling a stupid!

brian cilento said...

c.16lb ball

Julian Cruz said...

C.20 pound sandbag

220 is a Pr on clean but jerk always seems to be the limiting factor.

Kent said...

A 115,115,125,125
B 165,175,185(PR)195(f)
C 20lb ball

Snatch felt OK.
PJ PR at 185 but still feels HEAVY.
Is being tall, old, skinny, and slow a good recipe for C&J?

90 min rest

Part 2
Ave Watts

Had the last row over 600 until the last 4 pulls. Couldn't finish it, tank was empty.

Chad Walding said...

A. 135/140/140/140
B. 185/205(failed on 2nd PJ)/195(f), shut it down after than
C. done with 20# med ball

Notes: Snatches felt ok but PC and PJ felt horrible. My 5RM max for PC is 205 and today I had nothing. My wrist and knee began bothering me and affected my technique big time. I'm getting more signals from my body to take some serious time off because of fatigue, injuries and loss of power. Thinking of atleast two weeks and I'd lover to hear others opinions and experience with this.

Part 2 with 10 min rest (short on time today)

in avg/watts
1) 712
2) 690
3) 625
4) 630
5) 619
6) 539 (wussed out!)

total avg/watts = 636

Felt ok, hurt a lot! My ass keeps coming off the seat and my shorts get all tangled up.

marcusherou said...

Sep 10

Lots of snatches, tech is finally getting into place.
Stopped at 65kg.

Almost killed myself at the snatch balance (75kg), fell forward with the bar crashing down on my neck. Luckily had some big plates creating some space to the floor. Something for youtube for sure...

Some halfhearted 1.1 clean & jerks at 85kg after that.

Marcus Filly said...

A. 175 x 4
B. 205/215/225/235*missed jerk
(experimented with some different hand positions on the jerk today. found that if i went a little wider my shoulders hurt much more)
C. 8# dynamax ball for tosses

Back really bothering me after a yesterdays lifting. It felt good right up until about an hour or two after training yesterday. I'm pretty sure my low back vulnerability is afecting my overhead position and therefore keeping me so limited in my jerks. I'm ready for some answers... time to see someone who knows a thing or two about this.

Alex Duncan said...

Traveling for a weekend wedding, back on Sunday.

Hate to miss a double day.

Greg said...

from yesterday:

A: 85/105/115 - this felt ok
B: 215/235f/225 - Not sure what happened here. Ugly in the mid-section.
C: sub'd DU, 1:00r due to distal bicep tendon strain. Managed: 14-6/UB/6-14/UB/UB/8-12.

Not sure how long it'll be before the elbow heals. Need to be careful. Sigh.

Steve said...

Part 2:

1. 754w
2. 754w
3. 705w
4. 728w
5. 705w
6. 640w

Avg For WOD: 714w

This crushed me. The last 12 seconds was an abortion.

Jon Sinclair said...

Part 1

A. 60, 65, 65, 67
B. 70, 80, 82, 85
C. 20# ball going for distance

Angelo Fosco said...

Part 2:
464-498 Watts....looking at other peoples I'm not sure how mine are so low. I avg a 1:30ish pace typically, I feel like I should be somewhat closer lol.

NorCal Chris said...

A. 105,110,115,120
B. 145,155,165,175
C. 10# med ball

D. Shoulder Press: 100x3,110x3,125x6

Steve Howell said...

Avg Watts:

Set 1= 546/471/503
Set 2= 532/491/493

Soren said...

A: 50,50,52kg
B: 75,75,80,80
C: done with 10kg medball in a car park!


dmarsh said...

Part 2:

Brandon said...

Part 1
A. 135/140/145/150
B. 185/205/225/245(f-PC)
C. 20# dynamax

Part 2
avg = 560

Snatches felt good, cleans not as much. Row was brutal last 2 as I went all out.

Mike Perolio said...

Part 1.

subs for day
A. Two Power Snatch Per Arm with 53# KB, 4 sets
B. 2x30# DB 10 Squat Clean and Jerk, 4 Sets
C. 20 Single arm hand offs followed by 5 burpee, 3 sets

Well it was a good session. Did the best I could do with what was available.

Part 2:

Most likely will be in the pool.

will follow that with some stretching and some release with a golf ball or something.


Jonathan Thom said...

Part 2...approx 3 hours after part 1 due to work
Avg Watt - Damper
538 - 5.5
505 - 5.5
489 - 5.5
474 - 4
467 - 6
446 - 5

derb said...


Part 1

A: 110x4
B: 155/165/175/185/190(felt good so did a extra one, PR on pc and pj)
C: 8lb ball

Part 2

cals: 26/25/24/23(used airdyne and only did four cause I was tired)

k.jones said...

A. 150x2x2/160x2x2
C.20lbs. med ball

I have to start heavier on my lifts. 235 was really no problem.

Stephen B. said...

A. 135/135/140/140
B. 225/235(fx3)
C. Used 10# med ball

15 min rest

Avg watts: 448/492/507/507/492/507

No gas in the tank today. For part B focus was lacking, as was power. Cleans a bit sloppy. Second pull felt slow. Pjs were easy.

Jay said...

A.140 all sets
C.25lbs all sets


NorCal Chris said...

Avg: 610

SeanG said...

C)russian swings x 10 @ 40kg


10 min z1
617 watts/avg.
605 watts/avg.
530 watts/avg.(yikes)
530 watts/avg.
499 watts/avg.
458 watts/avg.
10 min z1

not to good, learnt whast 95% effort is should have aimed for 550-570 each.....

BK said...


Cody B said...


A: 165#*4
B: 205#*4
C: 20lb med ball tosses

(538w, 538, 484(came off seat))
(515,469,441) nothing left in legs

Legs were completely trashed after rowing. Need a good ice bath tonight for recovery.

joey warren said...

part 2: 330PM

Ave W = 657/654/610/626/589/572

Not much in the tank the last 2 sets

Brent Maier said...


A: 80kg (176#) all sets
A+ x1 squat snatch: 90/95x/95kg (209#)
B: 90/100/110kg (242#)/115x
B+ split jerks: 90/95/100/110kg - much better on lockouts and easier than power jerks. It wasn't always that way.
C: 20# ball

Part II: Coming up.

Notes: I don't know what it is but I'm in a funk. Shoulder is still funked up as well. I'm mentally and physically weak and hope I snap out of it soon Not sure if I'm on a low from pr's or the pressure of knowing what numbers I set on myself for the USAW comp. Everything seems hard all of a sudden. *argh*

Dustin said...

part 1:
A. Power Snatch - 165 x 4 **felt Strong**

B. Power Clean + Power Jerk - 205, 225, 235, 245, 255. **PR Power Jerk**

C. Med Ball Reverse - 30lb SLam Balla

Rested 10min


** had to do six straight do to time constraints. The rower gave a higher and a lower score when I changed units - I took the lower score, so not sure what was right**

Kenno said...

A: 45kg
B: 80kg
C: 5kg Med Ball

A: Really have to sort out my 3rd pull!
B: Felt strong with the PCs
C: Does anyone know the reason we do these?? is it for the hip drive?

dontpanic356 said...

A: 185 for all
B: 225, 245, 245
C: No med ball


583, 628, 639, 540, 642, 616

Brian Gregory said...

A. 135, 145, 155, 155
B. 215, 220, 225, 230
C. As Rx'd 21.5# med ball

Part 2 approx 5 min after part 1

Sub'd airdyne for 35s

1 - 30cals
2 - 29cals
3 - 28cals
4 - 28cals
5 - 26.5cals
6 - 26.5cals

Notes: Shoulder lat issue feels much better today but sore after WOD. Airdyne sucked very badly today, felt it for sure.

Stahl said...

Part I. (all weight in kilos)
A. 60 x 3
B. 80,84,86,90
C. 6 kilo ball

Part II - 12 hours later

Pclean and Pjerk - kept weight moderate - still trying to recover from beck/shoulder injury. Felt so-so but will increase next time.

Part II:
Used a pre-war erg, so don't know how accurate it was.

Didn't warm-up enough, which is why I think the numbers went up through rounds 1-4. Tried 100% on all, but body just took a while to get warm after sitting in a chair for 10 hours.
By the 5th and 6th round, could have used more recovery time.

Stahl said...

Brent - I'm feeling a bit wasted too. Don't know if it's the end of the training cycle or life or both. But I feel you.

Hope you and the other dawgs crush the USAW comp.

Brent Maier said...

Part II:
1) 578 watts - 1:24 pace : Shirt caught in rollers
2) 657 watts - 1:21 pace
3) 642 watts - 1:21 pace
4) 634 watts - 1:22 pace
5) 616 watts - 1:22 pace
6) 600 watts - 1:23 pace : Stopped pulling with 5 seconds left. That is uncalled for! :)

Patrick "Phatty" Vuong said...

Part 2:


rest 8 mins by accident, on the phone.


second sets were closer to 95-100%, first sets like 90-95%

Chris Castillo said...

A. 155
B. 205-225f-215-225
C. 20# ball

part 2.



Christa said...

A: 80
B: 95/105/110/110(pressed out)
C: 14# - do we want to go for height? or distance or both?

Part 2

I did m rowed:
165 m - 1:49 /m
170m - 1:47/m
172m - 1:46/m
176m - 1:45/m
170m - 1:44/m
174m - 1:46/m

Thad said...

A. 4 x 2/115
B. 175, 180, 185, 1.F/190
C. 8kg ball

515 avg watts

Heavy Evy said...

Part 1
A. 133, 133, 138, 138
B. 199, 209, 214, 224
C. 20# full sprint after ball after each throw, was how I did it.

Part 2.
Not Completed. Work and gym hours not lining up very well this week.

Chin up Brent, your funk won't last, good luck at the comp.

Eric Montgomery said...

Part 1
A. 135x2x4. Felt sloppy compared to last week's 1RM snatches.
B. 175, 185, 195, 205. So-so.
C. Had to change to 3 sets of 5 due to time. Threw 15lb ball behind me into wall as hard as possible.

Part 2 (3 hours later)
543, 560, 553, 559, 517, 408 for wattage. Not sure what caused the dropoff on round 5, felt good at the time. Was getting sloppy on form so did round 6 without feet strapped in.

Geoff Long said...

A. Used 110# first two sets, then 115
B. 155 each set
C. 18# ball and done for height.

53 yom/225

Pete @ CFN said...

A. 120
B. 185
Then 6 row sprints with watts ranging from 506-588.

Paul Klein said...

Done on 9/18/10 (I was out of town taking care of family business)

A. 140lbs for all sets
B. 210/215/220/225
C. 10lb med ball

Part 2:

I completely fell out of the seat on the last set. I think lack of sleep and stress the past two days got the best of me.