wed, sep 15, 2010

get the Paleo Solution at OPT; newest addition to the recommended reads
what are you reading right now?


Matt said...

Im reading the OPT blog to see what the workout for tomorrow is going to be.

Along with:
Hamilton's Curse by Tom Dilorenzo and
Paris 1919:
Six Months That Changed the World by Margaret Macmillan

and...I just hit refresh on the blog again... :)

Angelo Fosco said...

I'm a fantasy nerd....I just finished In the Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Best book I've ever read. Now I'm reading The Warded man by Peter V. Brett. So far so good, we'll see. Strangely reading books about peole training usually motivaes me to train lol.

Mike Perolio said...

I really need to get that book. Please post a review for us.

Currently when the USAF is not getting their moneys worth out of me. I am reading

Gone Tomorrow by Lee Child
also touching up on a lot of SAT/ACT stuff to get ready for some colleges and hopefully get into the ROTC Program.

Soren said...

Still trying to get through GCBC
When I need something easier to chew, I have Protein Power Lifeplan, And Paul Chek's How to move...
and have 1000 studies I would like to dig into as well. Only read work related stuff (Nutrition), because this is enough to fascinate me.


Kent said...

Just finished "Sh*t my Dad Says".
Quick read and hilarious.

Now onto "Atlas Shrugged".

An industrial revolution classic by Ayn Rand with a great philosophical principle that promotes the value of being a producer rather than a consumer.
Any individual's greatest responsibility is the fulfillment of their own potential.

Brent Maier said...

The Company by Robert Littell and I preordered the Paleo Solution several weeks ago but haven't had time to go down to Barnes and Noble to pick it up yet. Looking forward to it.

Lisa M said...

Reading - for pure non thinking pleasure The Girl Who Played with Fire

For learning purposes Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson plus listening to all of Robb Wolfs Paleolithic solution podcasts very informative.

Chad said...

Finally picked up 'Adrenal Fatigue' by James Wilson and working my way through that after the OPT CCP Programming Module this weekend.

Nathan H. said...

I'm currently waiting for my copy... AMAZON!!

Brandon said...

Win Forever by Pete Carroll
Waiting for Robb's book to arrive...
Westside Barbell Book of Methods


DAVE X said...

I just finished up "Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore."

I too am waiting on Robb's book. Amazon hasn't shipped mine yet either. I think they are literally shipping it from THE Amazon.

Poly said...

Waiting for Robb's book in Kindle format. Currently working through a couple of Gary Eldred books on real estate investing during the day and Bill Bryson's "A short history of nearly everything."

Arjuna @CFN said...

I currently have, "The Paleo Diet for Athletes.." Is there a differance b/w this book and, "The Paleo Solution" by Rob Wolf?

dmarsh said...

Splitting my time between Supertraining, Where Men Win Glory and Brain Rules.

brian cilento said...

just got robb's book the other night, and i am reading omnivor's dilema (can't believe i had not read it yet). just finished 3 cups of tea.

Chad Walding said...

All over the place with:

Good Calorires, Bad Calories
Lights Out
Primal Body, Primal Mind

Robb's book is on it's way!

Martin Altemark said...

Checking in - tried to get body started after being totally destroyed by a cold+fever since friday. Didn't work out so well, now I feel like shit again. Competition starting to get in trouble.

Currently reading "Why zebras don't get ulcers" (that book is amazing) and "Deep survival".

Robbs book is preordered and in currently in the mail.

Agnew said...

A Mark Rippetoe suggested reading...

Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

This book is about the Spartans stand at Thermopylae, this are hard dudes that know no limit!

Chad Hall said...

Just finished "Freakonomics" and now onto reading "SuperFreakonomics" both by Levitt and Dubner.

Easy reads, really interesting and funny.

PTS said...

Currently not reading anything, trying to find something though.

Recently just finished Primal Blueprint and Freakanomics and Greg's Oly lifting book.

I really liked Freakanomics, Primal Blueprint was an ok read but most of the info was not new to me. Greg's book is an excellen resource.

PSC said...

The Dip by Seth Godin.

DAVE X said...


That's a great book. I've read that myself.

Brent Maier said...

A little rest day trivia for the big dawgs. Heard this on the radio this morning on the way to work. What do Canadians do more than anyone else?

DAVE X said...

I guessing it has something to do with immigration.

Lars said...

Yesterday's workout

A. 180x2, 190x2, 210x1, 220x1]x2
B. 275x2, 3sets
C. 125x3, 4sets

Clean and jerk felt okay, jerks have felt off lately. Did all power cleans with push jerk.

Clean pulls felt good.

Snatch balance felt pretty solid. First time doing these successfully.

Part 2 - later today.

Bear said...

Took an extra rest day since I had a lot to do and I´m trying to dodge the flu before the 25th. A lot of resting, sleeping and 1.5 h on my bike going between appointments.

I´m reading a lot of different stuff since I´m currently studying literature, but every time I go to the can I read "The Appeal" by John Grisham.

Brent: Play icehockey?

Stahl said...

Brent - I'll give the riddle a try.

Q: What do Canadians do more than anyone else?

A: Polish off their Tim Horton's with a Labatt? (All except the big dawgs of course).

Lisa M said...

Brent I think it is they say "sorry" more than anyone else

Steve G said...

Reading "Whereever you go there you are" By Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn

unit said...

use the letter 'a'...

Greg said...

Reading? Nothing for pleasure. Bunch of stuff for school - structural dynamics, mechanical assemblies, systems engineering, ship construction and design...

DAVE X said...

I know I used to go to a lot of strip clubs and there were no Shortages on Russian girls. It's gotta be open immigration policies!!! Tell us Brent!!!

Sam said...

Delta Force, by Col. Charles Beckwith
The Alchemist (for the 30th time)
Periodization, Bompa
The Flashman Chronicles (just for fun)

Poly said...

Get baited into answering trivia questions by Americans?

Brent Maier said...

Keep the guesses coming after I tell you, they are priceless! Canadians swear more than anyone else, including the Brits.

I'm going to get Gates of Fire when I pickup my copy of Paleo Solution. Thanks, it looks like a fu@king great book! *grin* Maybe that statistic applies to big dawgs as well?

Scott Hoadley said...

"On Combat" The Psychology and Physiology of deadly Conflict in War and Peace. By Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Along with

"The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" By Stieg Larson,

"Enders Game" By Orson Scott Card.

Also I just received Robb Wolfs book in the mail yesterday.

I read quite a bit. No TV for me. Read at least 1 hour a day.

Sorry for not posting coach but I have started a 12 week training cycle for a very specific fitness test for the new job I am trying out for. I would however appreciate your input into the training. If you have the time. It is a very specific laid out twelve weeks with high volume, and mostly body weight movements/cardio. I am sure it will interest you.


Lisa M said...

Well I think I am going to hop back into the BDs for a while and see how it goes - I am kind of trying to re-evaluate my life right now and am a little lost so just going to go with the structure for a bit and see if i can find my "joy" of CF back again...

Did yesterdays WOD kept it lighter as still want to focus on proper technique

A. 95/100/110/115
B. 135/150/160
C. 65s just focused on speed.

no rest due to time constraints

hard to count reps and remember but: 13/20/16/10
9/18/12/8 I think??

Holy crap all my holidays and bad eating and lack of motivation are really showing hopefully i can get back on track now that life is back to a regular "schedule"

Lisa M said...

James -

quick question re competing on the 25th. I am no where near competition shape right now should i forgo it or just do it for fun??

Lars said...

Part 2 of yesterday

1. 8/17/14/10 - 49
2. 8/20/14/9 - 51
3. 8/21/14/10 - 53
4. 8/21/14/10 - 53

total 206

Could only go so fast on most movements. Box jumps took a round to get the rhythm. Felt good.

CrossFit Element team challenge this weekend. I'll be competeting, so will slow things down after today, but will still do a little something. I'll post workouts and results later on in the weekend.

As for books, just finished "Ivory's Ghosts" and "The man who loved China." In between books at the moment.

Paul Klein said...

I just started "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie. I saw a show about Warren Buffett and he said this book changed his life when he was younger.

Robb Wolf's book has been on order. I'm a big fan of his.

Geoff Aucoin said...

I just finished Michael 'In Defense of Food' Pollan's Botany of Desire. Good stuff but I started digesting Paleo Solution last night!

James, you totally look like you're reading the book, man!

Heavy Evy said...

Just finished "Freakanomics", and have restarted "Guns Germs and Steel" see if I can finish it this time.

mhamilton said...

You Are Not a Gadget
by Jaron Lanier

Carrie McG said...

Just finished Steig Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo/Girl Who Played With Fire/Girl Who Kicked The Hornets Nest trilogy. Best books I've read in a while.

Now I'm reading: motor control, aging, advanced sport psych, neurophys and fitness assessment texts. Does that count? :)

BK said...

I was lucky to have got some copies before release and sold all 50 within 3 days at CFP. All new On Rampers at CFP are informed of it mandatory reading before joiniung our box. I believe getting every athlete on the same page will only enhance change in our community not only for them selves but for family and friends. Be informed...make change..make an impact!

Canadians swearing more than Aussies?? I beg to differ!
Not that this crocodile swears at all:)

NorCal Chris said...

Summer reads:
Omnivores Dilema (great)
Lights Out (worthy but repetitive)
Brain Rules (interesting but semi forgettable)

Now onto my favorite trash novelist Vince Flynn (mitch rap series) Executive Order

Definitely ordered Robb's book... Can't wait.

Christa said...

I recently just finished Primal Blueprint (I agree there was not a lot of 'new' information for me in it), Good Calories, Bad Calories, and just started reading What the Dog Saw. I am going to get the Paleo Solution next.

Anonymous said...

Just ordered my copy of Paleo Solution today.

Currently reading

"The Long Walk"
"Richard Bachman" aka Steven King

Great book on "quit and die" mentality

Gates of Fire is easily the best book I have ever read. If you want to understand how to get your mindset squared away then it is a must read. Also a book every individual should be required to read if they are in a position of leadership. You will always picture that book before, during, and after your WODS once you read it.

I finished the book back in May and will be reading it again in the coming month.

Matt said...

@Sam if you havent read them already two other good ones in that same vain are:

Inside Delta Force - Eric Haney


No Heroes -- Danny O. Coulson and Elaine Shannon

Also for everyone else who enjoyed Freakonomics - a good read is John R. Lott's Freedomnomics.

Freakonomics is an interesting book, if only because it shows exactly what is wrong with the study of economics. The arguments made are presented in a sort of “markets are full of cut throats and other equally evil people looking to take advantage of you.” That’s a pretty specious argument at best and reveals the ideology of the authors. The first three chapters are fairly easy to suffer through without getting too annoyed, but when chapter four rolls around and you are choking down the author’s attempt to answer normative questions by positive means, you start to get bored very quickly. (I did, at least.).

I’ve read Freedomnomics, too. It’s not the best primer on real free market economics, but it’s fairly good at explaining why the free market works and everything else just simply doesn’t. It’s more along the lines of the Freidman/Chicago School but is still good enough. Since Lott was allegedly slandered in Freakonomics he attacks that book quite a few times along the way which is kind of irksome. But overall it’s worth the read.

I recommend at least borrowing it from your local library or sip yourself an overpriced cup of coffee @ your local B&N and give it a read.

Nathan H. said...

For some reason I didn't realize this was a post about what we were currently reading. I just saw the picture and posted lol.


In the Kill Zone (almost done)
Homicide Special (about 50 pages in)
The Dramatic Universe (25 pages in)
Inside FBI HRT (about 200 pages in)

I go through my phases. Right now it's spirituality and military/paramilitary... strange combo I must admit.

Martin Altemark said...

Carrie: I live very close to the mental hospital that's featured in those books from time to time. Bike past it everyday on my way to work.