Big Dawg Comp # 2, Nov 13, 2010 - Naples, Florida


A 45# bar and two bumper plates will be 200 meters away from the pull up
station. Starting from the pull up station and in three separate trips carrying one piece of equipment per trip on way back, run and retrieve a bar and two bumper plates and return them to the pull up station. At this point you may load your bar. Once your bar is loaded, begin the workout:
21,15,9 rep rounds:
Thrusters - 95#/65#
Chin Ups - chin over vertical plane
This event is for total time.

rest 1 hour

3 Rounds for time of:
7 Squat Snatch - 115/75#
9 Burpee bar jumps (jump over your bar)
30 UNBROKEN Double Unders

rest 2 hours

10 Minutes to find 1 Rep Max Clean &  Jerk (poundage)

Thank you to Anthony and Alison at CF Redline for putting the workouts together and hosting the live event.
Post your times and scores to comments in one post if you can, thanks.
Enjoy the day; rest on Sunday and Monday.
We begin again on Tuesday bright and early.


Optimum Performance Training said...

Clearly, no one else lives in Calgary. I will be wearing some mittens for the equipment transport portion of WOD 1.

Dr Lisa said...

I am pretty sure my neighbors are going to get quite a kick out of this!! Hopefully nobody steals my equipment as I will have to leave it on the street out of sight. Should be fun!!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the gym owner doesn;t mind me leaving equipment outside and no cars run it over and it doesn't get stolen. Fun day ahead.

Arjuna @ Calibrated Training Systems said...

Sorry, but I got 2 questions on Standards:
1. For the burpees; am I correct in saying you have to jump to a vertical position over bar and clap behind hea? Or are we just diving over bar.
2. Clean & Jerks: are there any press outs allowed or does it have to be a legit Jerk?


MikeR said...

A suggestion. If you can start with your equipment in the gym. Run out a 200M. Grab the equipment and run another 200M. That way you aren't leaving the stuff unsupervised in the middle of the road.

Does that work?

Unknown said...

Sorry Mike, I have never seen snow and James said he would bring me a toque just in case.

Arjun, there is no clap behind the head requirement for the burpee. Just hit the deck and jump over the bar with both feet.

Any clean and any jerk. Press outs allowed.

Arjuna @ Calibrated Training Systems said...

Our pullup bars at CFN prevent us from doing chin over verticals plane. So does this mean we do CTB or regular pullups??

Unknown said...

Regular pull ups will do just fine.

OPT said...

mike r, you mean 100 m out and back?
i.e. @ gym, run 100 m out and back, pick up BB, run 100 m out and back, run 100 m out and back alone, pick up plate, run 100 m out and back, etc...then i think that might work...

Alex Nettey said...

Busy work day ahead so I had to do all 3 in 1 hour. Here are the results

Event 1 - 11:56. Run took about 7:10. Used an indoor 60m hallway for the runs and hope I did it right (1200m total of running). Thrusters/pullups as rx'd at 95#, unbroken and in 4:11

23 min rest

Event 2 - 6:33 as rx'd at 115#, no missed double unders. Burpee jumps were slow and I maybe could've pushed the snatches to be faster as this weight is manageable enough for me but the results are what they are

8:30 rest

C & J 1RM - 265#. Not a pr just all I had time to get to. Had 285# in my hands as time expired but no juice in the legs after the previous attempt and minimal rest

Missed the last BD comp so it was fun to get this one in. Look forward to seeing how everyone does. My advice is don't do it all in an hour or less :)

MikeR said...

Yeah that's what I meant.

BK said...

We had so much fun today at CFP . 22 athletes rocked the workouts with 5 doing as prescribed .
Personally, have been off Dawgs for 6 weeks working weaknesses, miss posting but always close by checking you animals!

At CFP athletes as RX;

1 13.07
2. 9.41





Angelo Fosco said...

Short on time

1. 12:22

Rest 20 mins then event 2

2. 7:34

Rest 10 mins then event 3

3. 245# (15# off of pr)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Event 1.


Did the runs as RX but left the equipment in the gym.

Rest 18 mins

Event 2:

10 : 34 (scaled to 105 due to shoulders)

Rest 12 mins

Event 3

190 #

BK said...

Julie Migliaccio

Brian Gregory said...

Coach or anyone else with advice,

I have been following the big dawgs blog a week behind recently to taper for a comp on Nov. 20. The WODs for the comp were just released -

Any advice on whether I should change up the wods (from the blog) for this last week? The comp is only one day and I'm not sure on rest times btwn wods yet. Game day fueling advice?

Brent Maier said...


1) 11:54 - Run complete in early 6m range when I glanced at clock. Fran took way too long once I hit the 15 pullups. Not happy with performance on this one.

PTS said...

WOD 1: 13:28
WOD 2: 7:10
Wod 3: 245 (PR)

Fueling was off as I woke at 530 and hunted then did the wods immediately after. I hadn't moved my bowels and I had to take a crap halfway through Fran. WOD's 2 and 3 felt much better.

Becky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Becky said...

WOD #1 13:32 1 hour break
WOD#2 10:5130 min. break
WOD#3 135 #

great WODs this am!
thanks Crossfit GP for coming and watching and encouraging us.

Wes Kimball said...

Results from CrossFit Austin! We ran 2 heats that took about 2.5 hours total to complete. Apprx. 35-45 minutes rest between each work, with a 15:00 time cap on event one, and a 12:00 cap on work out two.

Alex Janns: 12:16, 7:42, 125#
Jen Cardella: 11:16, 2R+0 DU, 143#
Jess Sharratt: 9:47, 1R+21 DU, 153#
Stacey Magnesio: 10:17, 11:01, 148#
Anthony Rinaldi: 12:49, 2R+26DU,220#
Aaron Douthit: 14:19, 1R+22DU, 165#
Chaz Darling: 13:47, 24 DU, 185#

We also had 6 peeps that did the workouts as a team. Rules were teams split all the prescribed reps, at the prescribed weight between two people for E1 & E2. Highest C&J in 10:00 for the team, was E3.

Jamie Bauer & Aaron Pratt
14:54, 10:29, 173# (Womens weight)
Darlene Price & Laura Gale
12:33, 11:59, 100#
Chris Geno & Jonathan Judge
10:42, 1+0DU, 205#

Wes Kimball said...

Myself and one of my coaches did the workouts on Friday with the prescribe rest.

Wes Kimball
11:17, 7:32, 295#

Blake Johnson
12:18, 13:27 (30 DU's/ Round not UB), 200#

OPT said...

1. 9:42 - sub'd ring dips for chin ups
25 min rest
2. 4:34
25 min rest
3. 265#

awesome day in the sun at CF Redline, thanks to A and A for being such great hosts

Eric Cady said...

CrossFit 585 BJJ

Eric 13:49 - 8:37 - 175 Rx
Jess 15:38 - 11:50 - 150 broken dbu
Trout 16:29 - 12:01 - 205 Rx
PJ 17:14(35) 9:28 - 75 Single
Ariel 17:14 - 11:03 - 120 broken dbu
Tello 12:20 - 7:12 - 215 Rx
Meg 15:45(45)-11:50 -100 broken dbu
Rob 17:43(75)

A friend of ours came in with his beautiful bull mastif so expect a Big Dawg group photo to come!

Everyone had fun with the event, especially the "Building Fran".

Jay said...

1. 11:36
2. 6:29
3. 225#(PR)

Snatch felt waaaaaayyy heavier than it should have...thinking maybe thrusters and run from event 1 helped with that...tons of fun...thanks again for the programming opt

Arjuna @ Calibrated Training Systems said...

1. 9:16
2. 5:59
3. 255lbs

* The design of our pullup bars at CFN prevent us from doing chin over vertical plane. So we just made sure every athlete had their entire head over bar on chinups. I understand this probably skewed our times for the better.
*we had 22 athletes compete and had a fucking blast! Wod 1 was absolutely horrible!

ryandrew11 said...

EVENT 1: 17:34
EVENT 2: 8:52 (65# snatch)
EVENT 3: 175

Unknown said...

1-14:26 1 hour rest
2-11:36 30 minute rest

Thanks to CrossfitGP!

unit said...

1. 8:55 (run a little over 5, after transition, Fran~3:25)
25 min
2. 4:47 (started over twice on dus)
10 min
3. 255 (back feeling it again so stopped here)


Sweeks said...


3)200 lbs

Gregarius Roberticus Lobitimus said...

Hudson Valley Crossfit

Weeks -

Greg -

Nick -

Ed -

Aly Jansen said...

B) 8:10
c) 150

WOD 1 was THE worst I have EVER felt. Was wishing I would have gotten run over like we joked about before I started.
HUGE thanks to Mullback for helping me get through it. Glad he talked me in to competing, it was fun times.
David...I'm hook gripping while I type this. :)

Aly Jansen said...

Forgot to add that Wod 3 was 30 minutes after Wod 2.

Colin Jenkins said...

Colin Jenkins

1) 9:51 (rx'd)
2) 5:25 (rx'd)
3) 305# (PR!)

great job big dawgs, keep the amazing times coming in!

Chris Dunkin said...

1. 9:45
2. 5:26
3. 266

Hour rest b/t each. Thanks to CF Portland, and Scotty. Great group.

Poly said...


Huge thanks to Autey @ CF Edmonton for hosting us. Really appreciated. Great host, great facility.

15 mins rest between wods. First time testing shoulder in a couple of months. Felt good, but could really feel the lack of work I have done since. I was nowhere near ready for this. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Bryan Miller said...

Wod 1 9:40 not COVP

Wod 2 4:47 rx'd

Wod 3 245#

Amazing motivation, thanks to everyone at CF Portland.

Bryan Miller said...

hour b/t wods

Coach said...

Any Dawgs competing in the Big 10 Competition in Dahlonega, Ga this upcoming weekend??

Courtney said...

12:41 Rx'd
11:23 Rx'd
125# (Not happy with this, PR'd my clean at 147# but missed the jerk, then ran out of time to get another lift in)

DSC Staff said...

1 - 10:02

2 - 5:56

3 - 245lbs (PR)

Rest as rx'd

Notes - Ended the run on the first part around 5:20, then just tried to hold on. Missed a couple of snatches in the third round of part 2, had to stop and compose myself then finished well. 245 is a Clean and Jerk PR, which I couldn't have been more surprised with considering how heavy the other sets felt.

Overall good day, thanks to Anthony and Alison for the workouts and to OPT for the opportunity.

CFN crew - sorry couldnt make it down there, sounds like it was a great turnout. Arjuna you're a beast man, hope to get some more training in with you Pete and Steve before sectionals.

Nathan H. said...

Rocco Di Jerlando:

11:55 (umm, horrible - 7min run, 4:55 Fran - paced run, broken on Fran)

Not training metcons really caught up with me on that first wod. Yuck. Will check times against video and confirm, uploads to come.

Unknown said...

Neal. Wod 1 9:00 rest 5 min Wod 2 4:07 legs were gone felt like I should of recovered longer.. Wod 3 275 way bellow my max clean and jerk

Peter 10:05.......6:21....... 225lbs

Ray 10:48.......9:00......215lbs

Good workout!

Anonymous said...

Event 1: 14:43
Event 2: 7:14
Event 3: 245 PR

Anonymous said...

1. 18:02
2. 18:46
3. 130 Pr!

Kyle F said...

1. 12:35
2. 7:44
3. 265#

Not really excited about performance but it'll do.

After a couple months of strict paleo I'm headed out for Italian tonight. Its gonna get messy.

Sean LeFloch said...

Nice job everybody. James and CF Redline, thanks for putting together some great workouts. This was my first crossfit competition, and I will never forget it.

jules/Crossfit Performance said...

BK posted for me this morning...squeezed all 3 workouts RX'd into a 90 minute session. Legs were cooked on WOD 2..did the workout in sneakers instead of lifting shoes and felt the Squat snatch wasnt as fluid...broke on double under's on 20 in the 2nd round!
Failed on the jerk part of the C & J at 155 3x but I have never successfully hit a 155 clean so thats a plus!

Great coaching from BK and incredible training led up to this 2nd comp...
A: 12:45
B 8:56
C. 145

NW said...

Some scaling today, done at globo gym so worked with what I have

1: couldn't run so just did Fran, sorry coach.
Time: 3:03 @75# 1 min pr!

2: hang squat snatch @ 85#
Dbl unders not all unbroken
Time: 5:27

3: 190# clean 5# pr! No jerk as wrist is pissed at me.

Scaled to strength and ability. While not to compete it was a personal victory for me - super excited.
Coach, thanks for the great programmming! I owe it all to you!

Jonathan Thom said...

13:10 (240 meter course)
225 pounds (pr w/ press out)

Going to switch to the programming my coach has lined up for us leading up to competition season, so this will be my last post for awhile. Can't wait to get back to training with the folks at my gym on a regular basis.

Thanks for the GREAT workouts James; I've seen my fitness improve massively. And thanks to the rest of you for putting up some inspiring times and weights for me to chase these last few months. It was fun to be in the Big Dawg pack for a while...can't wait see you folks on the top of podiums in the coming year!


Optimum Performance Training said...

1 - 11:55
2 - 6:04
3 - 229
1 hour between each.

Rory Hanlin said...

Anvil/Crossfit Fort Bragg Crew

WOD 1: 9:45
WOD 2: 5:06 (4:17 second time)
WOD 3: 350lbs (Big PR for me, 10lbs)

WOD 1: 8:36
WOD 2: 4:21 (4:08 second time)
WOD 3: 285lbs

WOD 1: 8:56
WOD 2: 4:22
WOD 3: 305lbs

Nice work to all. Fun comp

Unknown said...

Thank you to everyone who joined us today at CrossFit Redline and here on-line and went after these events with energy and enthusiasm.

Special thank you to James for the inspiration and leading from the front. You helped us make a great day special.

We hope all of you had as much fun as we did.

Anthony & Alison
CrossFit Redline
Naples, Florida

Curt M said...

Done @ CF Edmonton, thanks again Auty.

1. 10:25

2. 6:05

3. 265# (PR by 5#)

All felt really good, two misses on DU. Event 3 missed 275# as time expired, but hit it 2 min later for a 15# PR. Great programing, thanks James and CF Redline.

Jen Osborn @CFN said...

1. 12:08
2. 7:53
3. 170...just missed 180 but got a pr in the power clean!

Joel B. said...

1. 11:37
2. 7:27
3. 210 (tied pr)

felt like I might have had 215 in me for c&j surprisingly, but I ran out of time. rest, weights and movements as called for. knocked some butter loose in my lungs with those first two. Stayed warm between wods doing light yard work.

Danny Davis said...

1. 12:35
2. 7:12
3. 245 (PR)

One hour rest b/t events. Sweet sequence. Was not expecting to PR on last event. Quads were smoked. Switched to PC in warm-up. Thanks to Redline for the WODs and OPT for making me and my crew better every week.

Heavy Evy said...


Fun day, Thanks to Auty @ CF Edmonton for having us, Squeezed it all in an 1.5hrs! I'm going to have to get back at doing more metcons! Took it easy on the C&J, as I went heavy yesterday with it.

Brent Maier said...


1) 11:54
2) 5:03 - Few trips on 3rd round, rushed into it and it cost me.
3) 255# - Only had 15 min rest for this and it wasn't enough. Energy levels were low after the clean. Not my PR but it will have to do.

WOD#1 was a bruser!

Brian Maier said...

1: 9:22
2: 6:48 - squat snatches killed me
3: 235lb - disappointed...20# under PR...nothing left in the legs.

Brian Maier said...

PTS...nice WOD1 time considering your detour....

Steve said...

only had time for 1 of the events today, my collar bone isn't 100%, didn't think thrusters and Cleans would be a good idea.

#2: 3:56 rx'd

*legs were on fire after that.

Nice times and numbers today dawgs! keep it up.

Basketball Training said...

OPT Big Dog
1. 9:58
2. 5:21
3. 215#

SMBOWL said...

Beautiful day at CFDRB for the Big Dawgs. We had 12 athletes come to play - 8 attempted Rx:

Event #1: Building Fran

Sean L - 10:26
Dom P - 10:58
Micah N - 10:40 (chose to butterfly)
Brooken - 13:58
Donovan - 12:33
Justin - 13:58
Tyler H - 14:30
Katie K - 14:09

Event #2: 3 Rounds

Sean L - 5:29
Dom P - 5:09
Micah N - 6:05
Brooken - 7:51(broken DU's)
Donovan - 9:20 (300 DU's:)
Justin - 9:12
Tyler H - 9:51
Katie K - 11:23 (broken DU's)

Event #3: 1RM C&J (in 10 Min)

Sean L - 245#
Dom P - 275#
Micah N - 225#
Brooken - 205#
Donovan - 255#
Justin - 285#
Tyler H - 235#
Katie K - 160#

Bear said...

Proud to say that big dawgs Martin and Bear, Linda and Anna won the Swedish CrossFit Games Team Competition 2010! WOFF! :)

Some video of event 3 and 4:

Anonymous said...

1.) 12:05
2.) 6:55
3.) 209#
1 hour rest between done at OPT

2 misses on DU's 1 at 29 1st round, and at 8 2nd round

Trevor Salmon said...

Mike F
Thad P
Kent P
Bill T
Jessica T
Great work everyone

Aaron Betts said...

Good Comp. Thanks coach!

Anonymous said...

Event 1 - 10:48
Event 2 - 4:26*
Event 3 - 225#

Looked at video and missed full range of motion in hips on 2 reps on snatch. No double under misses and burpees went quick.

Brian Gregory said...


I'll be there in Dahlonega, are you going too?

dontpanic356 said...

1: 11:17
2: 5:34
3: 290

About 20 min rest between each

CJ felt off. Rhythm on the pull not there.

Brian Gregory said...

Nov. 6 WOD

BP - 205(3),220(2),240(1)
PU - 63,73x3,83x2x2
Sub'd steep hill sprints for row as Rx'd

Brian Gregory said...

Completed Nov.5 WOD, yesterday

Sq Cln up to 245, failed at 255
Forgot to rest 5min
DL up to 355, 375x1
5min rest
HSPU off parallettes with top of head touching approx 3-3.5in below hands in 16:15. All strict (big weakness)

Notes: Wasn't focused on heavy clns, DL done touch and go, may have been higher with 5 min rest.

Michael McCabe said...

Event 1 - 11:36
Event 2 - 6:46
Event 3 - 215#

Thanks to Ben at CF Taranis for hittin this with me... awesome day!

Brian H said...

CF Modesto checking in

RX Competitors
Brian H
1 13:19 (the runs wrecked me. Worst Fran ever)
2 6:09
3 245

Erika B
1 17:47
2 9:35
3 173

1 Stopped at 20:00 (completed 9 thrusters)
2 12:26 (43# snatch)
3 123

1 14:24
2 11:19
3 83

Tim W
1 17:22
2 9:09
3 220

Ben Wheeler said...

Amazing time with Mike McCabe doing these wods.

Event #1 13:51

Event #2 6:57

Event #3 22lbs. Went for a PR 255 but missed the jerk both times.

Great time!

Stephen Flamm @ CFN/CSC said...

We had 22 athletes hit these workouts today at CFN/Cincinnati Strength & Conditioning, and close to 40 more cheering them on. Congratulations to Arjuna and Jen for taking the top spots, and a huge thanks to James for building this Big Dawg community.

Adam Rogers - nice numbers today, especially considering you did it alone. Looking forward to seeing you down here in January for the 3rd comp, even more so because I should be ready to compete right along side of you...

Anthony Skvarka said...

1. 13.48- run took the air out of me and could not recover
2. 7.10
3. 245(pr)
1 hr. rest between tasks

Coach said...

@ Brian Gregory

Yea man me and Steve will be there this Saturday. We're coming down from CF Vitality. I'll look for ya.
Good Luck Boss!

Great job to all the Dawgs today!

Mike - CrossFit PEI said...

We had four hit it prescribed at CFPEI. Thanks for the great workouts:

Jeff M

Steve B

Mike I

Cheryl P

Siu said...

WOD 1. 14:59
WOD 2. 9:51
WOD 3. 155lbs (20lb PR, have separately cleaned 150 and jerked 145 but never together)

Thank you to the amazing CFN Family and all of our wonderful guests for the supportive, positive atmosphere!

Jon Sinclair said...

Weight room was closed, of all days. Had to do some serious subbing.

Wod 1: Carried 60 sand bag for weighted parts of run, subbed wall balls for thrusters - 11.39

Wod 2: 9:24
3 rounds
7 DB snatch each arm (30# DB)
7 sledge hammer hits on tire (8# sledge)
9 burpees with jump onto 30" tire (crazy hard)
30 UB DU's

No time for Wod 3 had to get to work

Garage Crossfitter said...

Part II
8:31, in between hanging hemlock boards in my gym...
First time snatching and doing DU since August. Form felt awesome on both, lungs where burning. My flexability has improved greatly over this layoff and i can already see a huge difference in my form. Possibly part 1 later, pullups will have to be from a tree branch as the gym doesnt have the pullup rig built yet. Pics of OPT East coming soon...

Martin Altemark said...

As Bear said: we was part of the team that won the team title at the Swedish CrossFit national championships this weekend.

First event was a run
Second event was a FGB-styla AMRAP gauntlet
Third event was max lifts
Fourth event was moving weights and do burpees with weighted vests

Got last in the first event (our girls are not good runners), but with one second placement and two first we still took the 1st place in the end. It was very much fun and I did a 110kg Jerk PR which was cool.

Thank you OPT for getting us ready, and thanks to the community for inspiring us! I will take some time off training and will be back with reloaded batterys in a month or so!

Dr Lisa said...

135 :(

Building Fran was Fn brutal!!! And my oly lifting still sucks. That was painful but fun. I feel very out of "shape" right now just due to inconsistency in training. I am a day late as i had kids swimming yesterday morning and a funeral in the afternoon so could not fit the workouts in yesterday.

Dr Lisa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian Gregory said...

WOD from Sun Nov 6 - (completed on Nov 13 at St.8)

400m runs - 65,64,65secs
10min HSPU on Perfect pushup handles
400m runs - 64,65,68secs

5hr rest (due to unforeseen circumstances)

250# OHS
5:42 on metcon (ring dips horribly broken, OHS unbroken and easy)

Brian Gregory said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Brian Gregory said...

EDIT to last post

OHS for metcon was 85# (170# BW)

WOD was from Nov 7 and completed on Nov 14

Dr Lisa said...

Congratulations Rory on your new addition!!

Brandon said...

Had work commitments unexpectedly yesterday, so had to postpone until today.

1. 12:50
rest 1 hr
2. 12:42
rest 10 min
3. 235#

Lots of misses on DU, but at least they are getting better. Thanks CF Redline...nice comp!

Trish Davis said...

1) 12:36 - though. thrusters felt solid...pullups were hard.
2) 11:09 - i hate burpees and double unders were broken...felt really slow overall.
3) 145 - PR from 135! really happy about this one!

Jesse J WellRock said...

Sorry for the late post . I got to go to the State of the Community in Orange County Ca put on by CrossFit Endurance...great event Coach Glassman and some other special people were doing a Q & A. Plus lots of good energy.

so for today

event 1

Rest 25 minutes

event 2
10:24 Double unders were my nemesis today .

rest 15 min

C & J 175lb....legs were tired....I need to work on my oly lifts ....this is my achilles heel.

Great Job everybody I feel grateful to be in such good company.

Unknown said...


rest 30 mins

part two snuck up on me. Broke once on dus. Frustrated with c&j. Had 264 well overhead twice and couldn't lock out.

Great challenge. Thanks to everyone who contributed and congrats to all of you who crushed the wods.

RichJ said...

1. 10:20
2. 6:00
3. 275lb (PR)

Pete @ CFN said...

1. 11:11

Called it a day after that. Had not recovered all the way from sinus infection.

Garage Crossfitter said...

wod 1

ha i miss that feeling

Robin said...

We did this at CrossFit Regina on Saturday, November 20th, in -30 degrees celcius weather, and YES we ran outside! We had 5 people complete all 3 wods (* = all 3 RX'd):

WOD 1 - 11:13
WOD 2 - 20:38
WOD 3 - 205lb

WOD 1 - 14:18
WOD 2 - 32:18 (kept trying the DU until he got them unbroken!)
WOD 3 - 215lb (PR)

WOD 1 - 17:18
WOD 2 - 14:28
WOD 3 - 185lb (PR)

*KaSandra (female)
WOD 1 - 12:43
WOD 2 - 11:34
WOD 3 - 140lb

*Robin (female)
WOD 1 - 13:23
WOD 2 - 13:12
WOD 3 - 142lb (PR)

We named the first wod "Build-a-Fran"! Thank you OPT!