dec 27, 2010

DJ enjoying some squat clean thrusters with lava in Hawaii... the same day in Labrador and my hometown - my Dad and his prize possession Beau - I hope to provide as much to my family as my father did for me...and more
If there is one traditional sport that your training could carryover to the best, which one do you think it would be right now? Post to comments.


Kyle F said...

Dec. 25th

Used 135# across the board. Almost lost my lunch after the FS/PP/Thruster/Chin up workout. Took a while to recover.

Steve Howell said...

my sport would be MMA. I was originally going to use Crossfit to help my MMA training but started doing more Crossfit instead.

Dunsey said...

The sport-- wilderness travel. Running through trails, bounding over boulder fields, climbing up trees, carrying a large pack, building a shelter, keeping warm in cold climates. I love that stuff so much it makes me happy just describing it. I miss pitching a quigloo in the mountains and sleeping in it the next night. So wonderful to explore and travel from one brief mountain spot to the next.

Rob said...

wrestling and 5-a-side football (soccer). 5-a-side is traditionally played in a small, enclosed pitch and requires powerful aggression, body control and explosive movements more so than many other sports.

JJL @ CSC said...

Did Friday's workout, playing catch-up

Power clean: 235# (PR)
Row: 1:26.00 (PR)
550 Watts @ 173 bodyweight = 3.18

Chris Fodera said...

Rugby...played in college as an A-Side Winger and we were a legit team. I honestly think I am better prepared physically now than then. Add a little bit of technical practice and full contact tackling practice and I would be golden.

Anonymous said...

Definitely Boxing ! wish i had found CrossFit years ago,stronger ,faster, fitter,than at my peak ,boxing training only and runs !
Peter in Scotland

Garage Crossfitter said...

brazilian jii jitsu- i really love this sport, and someday hope to get back into it, but for now, crossfit is satisfying my thirst for competition.

Anonymous said...

mud wrestling

Paul Smith said...

Dec 24:

PC - 285#
Row - 1:24.1

PC - 285# went up pretty easy tried to go for the PR 305# missed. (PR is 295#)

285/425= 67%
589/195= 3

This training definitely carries over to Rugby. I would have also liked to know about this about 15 years ago when I was in the Marines.

Adam Rogers said...

My friends and I have noticed huge improvements in our football (soccer). Improved endurance, reduced recovery time, better strength on the ball and in tackling. Wish I had found it ten years ago but look forward to sharing with the next generation.

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Don't Laugh--- but i have noticed a huge difference in my golf game.. I am a professional Golf Instructor and have been playing since I was 12. I can tell you that since starting my training I have added years to my "Golf Life Expectancy".. The core and leg strength I have gained thru training has saved my back and added yards to my swing.

Heavy Evy said...

Hockey, just about came out of retirement for a playoff run this season, but won't be able to get in enough regular season games due to a holiday to mexico next week, definately wish I had this training back in the day though.

Anthony said...

Playing catch up today:

Power clean 1 RM. 205# lagging due to lay offs.
500 meter row: 1:33.4 @ 429 avg watts

Christmas Day Part 1:
95 & unbrkn pullups
105 & unbrkn
115 & 14+6 pullups
125 & 12+8
135 broke after push press because hands went numb. Thrusters unbroken. Pullups busted up!

Lars said...

Sport - Rugby/hockey. This would benefit both of those sports really well.


A. All @ 295
B. Complete
C. Complete
D1. Done UB
D2. Done UB

Deadlifts felt pretty good. Back is feeling better and better.

Ring HSPU's were tough, but figured out how to use my legs in them - huge difference.

GH raises - no problem.

FLR + GHD sit ups - great combo, tough, but manageable.

Nathan H. said...

Fri Dec 24 work:

Coming off about a week of rest and 2 minor injuries. Felt weak, everything felt heavy. Same with yesterday.

PC: 295 (disappointed with this)
500m: 122.8 (614/190 = 3.2)

295/405 = 73%

Kizzee said...

My sport would be basketball. Just a fantastic sport all around.

Steve Howell said...

Dead Lift;
Set 1 @ 130kg x 3
Set 2 @ 148kg x 3
Set 3 @ 167kg x 3+ (+5)
Set 1 @ 57kg x 3
Set 2 @ 65kg x 3
Set 3 @ 73kg x 3+ (+2)

Part 2 from dec 19th

Burpee BJ: 20/22/24/21 = 87
DB Thrusters: 20/17/22/19 = 78
Ball Slams: 27/26/27/25 = 105
Box jumps: 41/40/30/38 = 149
Total = 419

* will do part 1 tomorrow with the 60 min row.

Anonymous said...

Rowing. I have a bit of a background in the UK rowing on the C2 indoor circuit for a couple of years. The amount of C2 that I've been doing since joining your prog and subbing all the aerobic components for a row along with the weight work means I'm probably a more powerful athlete now, even though I'm in my thirties.

Anonymous said...

Question Coach. If we are following the programme a couple of days behind where would you prefer us to post in present day or back with the original post? or does it not matter?

Emilie P-B said...

My sport is flag-football/touch-football. I've seen a huge diffrence on the field since I started crossfit a year and a half ago. I'm more powerfull, I can jump higher, and easily turn the corner after catching the ball on an outside patern. We usually play 5-6 games per weekend when we're in tournament and just thinking to put my cleats on before the final was difficult because my legs were so tired. Now it's not an issue anymore and I'm not sore the days after.

unit said...

last Thurs:
DL- 415 x8 (previous rep PR was 405 x6

fri/sat/sun- at work on call... sad seeing people put their hand in a saw on Christmas...

WOD from fri/sat done today... mostly...

pc- 275 (pc/bs- 0.81 (275/340))
row- 1:20.1 ... frackin A... wanted sub 1:20, started 2 slow
3sets of fs/pp/th//ctb(s,k) with 3min rest
135(10,10) // 140(5,15) // 145(0,20)
thrusters 167 x1 q 30s x21


ETC said...

Currently apply my training to BJJ. It has amazing cross-overs. I am stronger, faster, have more gas, and am less injury prone than when I started 9 years ago - love it!

Emilie P-B said...

Dec. 25
FS/PP/Thrusters: 75-80-85-85-85
CTB chin up: UB/10-10/10-10/7-8-5/10-7-3

My shoulders hated that workout. Technique on thrusters is not good. I had to take a quick pause with the bar in rack position after each thruster. Midline stabilization is not good or strong enough, but I think it's all about technique, cause I have the same problem with lighter weight on thruster.

10 min thrusters: worked up to 105lbs. Might have gone heavier, working on keeping my weight on the heels, I have the bad habit to go on my toes at the end of the press.

Rest 60 min

Then, I did the metcon with the 4pm class:
Burpees pull up
Box jump (24')
KBS (20kg)

Kent said...

For me Basketball.

Still playing in the top division and I'm the oldest guy on my team by a decade. I have recovered the quickness lost on my first step and can move more powerfully out of a lower defensive posture than one year ago. Stamina isn't an issue and my knees no longer hurt coming down the stairs the morning after a game.

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Power clean 1 RM: Missed 205#, previous pr 195#
500 meter row: 1:33.9

Christmas Day Part 1:

95 & unbrkn pullups
105 & broken 15+3+2
115 & broken 15+2+1+1+1
125 & broken 5+5+5+5 (chin ups)
125, 115 thrusters & broken 5+5+5+5 (chin ups)

Hands went numb on the last set and fatigued so I lowered the weight for thrusters, but completed those unbroken.

jerf said...

Christmas day Part 1:

FS/PP/Thruster: all rounds at 135#. SCALED to regular chinups (unbroken)

10 minute thruster @135#

Didn't feel so great today, so I kept things well within my shrunken comfort zone.

Sport- Hockey.
Climbing over the boards dead tired at the end of a shift, and then feeling 90-100% 60 seconds later. I remember a pickup game a few years ago where I would come off the ice and try to hide on the amount of rest seemed adequate!

Steve Smith said...

It's cool to see how many different people would apply this training to so many different sports.

I wrestled in college, but don't think this would be ideal in-season. Post and pre-season for sure, but the weight loss is too much of an issue, unless you disregard and wrestle at a natural weight.

Would probably go with american football, lacrosse, or rugby.

Stahl said...

Ice hockey. Shifts of 45 seconds-2 minutes long, the need for body control, aggression and mental clarity when you're gassed makes this a nice training. Agree with Steve though, better pre and post season with the volume and intensity.