sun, dec 26th, 2010

all i want for X-mas is 300+


A. Clean Grip DL @ 11X1; 12 sets of 2 @ 55% 1RM Dead Lift; rest 45 sec
B. 1-5-1-5-1 ring HSPU ladder not for time - perfect reps
C. GH Raises @ 10X0; 10 x 4; rest 60 sec
D1. Front Leaning Rest on rings - 45 sec unbroken x 4; rest 30 sec
D2. GHD Sit Ups @ 2020; 12 x 4; rest 30 sec

rest 4+ hours

5 min warm up @ 50% effort
8 sets:
1 min @ 90% effort constant pace
1 min @ 50% recovery pace
5 min cool down @ 50% effort
(record avg cals/hr for 1 minute efforts @ 90%)

post loads, notes and avg cals for all 8x1 minute 90% sets to comments
Mon off, Tues double, Wed single, Thurs double, Friday off, Saturday single tester, Sunday double, Mon off..repeat


BK said...

Congratulations mate on a huge performance on the ya lunch tasted pretty damn good after that dig.
Big shout out to Rory and AJ with that quality SQ/MU performance the other day also.

Steve Smith said...

Just finished reading about an hour's worth of old posts from two years ago.

Thanks James, for all you're doing. This is a fun journey.

Ross Blake said...

That's awesome mate. Congrats.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 220, worked on keeping knees externally rotated
B 15 min tech work with ring hspu, first time trying those
C easy @ bodyweight
D1 last set tough
D2 last set tough, left psoas tightens up

ring HSPU were an eyeopener for me, much like the airdyne was and that is why i love this shit, constantly new stuff to learn and get good at.

Bear said...


Rory Hanlin said...


Looking strong, you will be tough to beat at the garage games.

Worked up to snatch three singles at 205, felt off on the snatch today

A. 320
B. Complete, took a while, did not use straps for assistance
C. Complete
D1. scaled up to FLR on rings, with full turn out
D2. broke up the last set

PTS said...

yesterday's WOD

FS/PP/TH 95-125
broke chins in last 2 sets

TH @ 135-175 175 for last 8 reps

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Christmas day workout part 1:
5 sets:
5 FS/5 PP/5 Thrusters - 95#/115/130/135/145
All sets CTB chin ups unbroken
1 Thruster every 30 sec for 10 min:
165(x3), 170(x4), 175(x6), 180(x4), 185(x2), 190(x1)

Part 2 in 6 hrs....

AJ Moore said...

A. 275
B. complete with 20lb vest
C. complete
D1 did externally rotated
D2 complete

Lars said...

Merry Christmas everyone!

Yesterday's WOD


1. 155, 20UB
2. 165, 20UB
3. 170 5,5,3 (10,5,3,2)
4. 155 5,5 + 5 (8,5,4,3)
5. 155 5,5 + 5 (8,4,4,4)


155x16, 165x2, 170x1, 185x1

Way over estimated my fitness and strength level today. This really started to hurt after round 1. I was expecting to get much higher on the weight, and not expecting to have to break the pull ups so often.

Did a tabata bike yesterday. Resting the rest of day.

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

B)done on parallettes
C,D1 and D2 all done as Rx

Part 2)
these numbers are estimated
our computer doesn't avg the cals/hour..just tells you what you are currently at.

Gaspasser said...

In Santa Cruz visiting family, so doing the box tour. Did a 12 day of Christmas Metcon this AM. Box I visited did not have an airdyne, is their a way to sub a run for the airdyne portion? Thanks for your help coach.

derb said...


Part 1

A: 190
B: subbed 10" depth HSPU(I tried ring HSPU and they just weren't happening)
D1: UB
D2: UB

Part 2

Cals/ Cals/hr

1: 36/2160
2: 35/2100
3: 35/2100
4: 35/2100
5: 34/2040
6: 35/2100
7: 35/2100
8: 35/2100

My airdyne is from the 70s so I'm not sure if this is even cals. It keeps track of something but its not labeled. I just multipled the cals by 60 for the cals/hr I'm not sure if these # are accurate.

slow jerf said...

Tough to find time to get these in... hopefully I can tackle a few tomorrow:

Part 1:

A. Completed at 65% - 315# (Bar was too thick to hook, so i went up a bit)
B. Messy, but complete.
C. Complete (w/25#)
D1+D2 - Complete.

Bodyweight 8am 12/24 - 192#
Bodyweight 8pm 12/25 - 202.5# PR!!!

Garage Crossfitter said...

part II
comp doesnt give average but i was between 1500-1900 consistently, feeling MUCH stronger on the airdyne now.

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 16th&17

KB Ladder: Completed in 7:30
Muscle Up/Ring Dip: 3:08
Calories of C2: 51
A1: 70kgx3/75kg x3/80kg x1
A2: All sets unbroken
A3: 24/20/19/17/15/13/12
B: 60sec x3/30sec x4
Running: Completed

sj said...

A. 140 (focused on keeping knees out)
B. (goat #2) def. not up to rings yet :), found sweet working spot with ab mat and 10# bumpers (the skinny ones), kipping
C. complete
D1. feet on 2 35# plates UB (ouch)
D2. UB

-oh my abs...

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2


Tyler LeFloch said...

Workout from yesterday:
135 all five sets, subbed twelve strict pull ups not unbroken,
165 used
Part two completed max HR 175 run done around 130

Tyler LeFloch said...

Workout from yesterday:
135 all five sets, subbed twelve strict pull ups not unbroken,
165 used
Part two completed max HR 175 run done around 130

Stephen Flamm @ CSC/CFN said...

On my own programming to address a few weaknesses and rehab the knee, but C and D fit in well so I subbed them in...

A. Bulgarian split squat, 3 x 12/leg @ 30/hand, 3010; 2:00 rest between legs


C. complete
D1. complete, with hands turned out
D2. complete

Rory Hanlin said...


tried to maintain 90% and hit 25 each time

AJ Moore said...

oops, was signed in under rory's name


tried to maintain 90% and hit 25 each time

Sean LeFloch said...

From yesterday (12/25/2010):
Changed things up because I was hurting from either the 500m row, the tequila, or both from the day before.
A) 3 scap movements @ 3010, 8 reps, 3 sets (20#)
B1) DB Split Squat @ 3010, 8 reps x 4 sets (35#,35#,40#,45#)
B2) 20 CTB Chinups (last set UB)

Snatch/Power Clean tech work

Today (12/26/2010):
Part 1:
A. 215#
B. Complete
C. Complete
D. Complete

Part 2 (avg. cal/hr):
1. 1718
2. 1720
3. 1749
4. 1710
5. 1635
6. 1652
7. 1604
8. 1717

Kent said...

Part 1

A 210# as rx'ed
B,C,D1,D2 as rx'ed UNB

part 2 on rower

1578 cal/hr

Kent said...

Just watched the videos; congrats on the 300FY!!

Impressive feat and by the sounds you were making, you earned every bit of it.

Stahl said...

Congrats! Huge accomplishment and helluva a way to head into the new year.

Ross Blake said...

Part 1.
A. @ 90kg
B. Did these with bands (4 sets of 5reps for safety reasons. First time out. Look fwd to nailing these)
C. Last set broken
D. 1 set be then 3 sets with 6kg vest

Thad said...

A. 205#
B. RX'd
C. No GHD , tried to set up equipment to simulate a GHD ended up being more like harop curls
D1. rings 2.5"/feet at 12.5" UB
D2. UB

Stephen B. said...

Nice work on the 300fy!


12-9-6 sq. Clean/MU wod: 9:42...all MUs full ext. with turnout at bottom...

sj said...

Part 2:
on rower
90% pace at 1:57m/500m
rds 6 & 7 were tough, 8 was steady

-don't have a good enough feel for 90% pace w/o looking at it, so couldn't get cal splits. Sorry about that. :( Or there's something about my rower I don't know yet...

Steve Smith said...

Part 1:

A. 275
- Felt fine, easy throughout
B. Complete
- Wondering what "perfect reps" are. Feel like I'm crawling up the rope sometimes.
C. Complete
- Always difficult for me
D1. Complete
- Feet on box, rings about 6" lower.
D2. Complete
- No problem

Part 2:

Drive to craig's list woman's house to buy Airdyne. Find out Airdyne sold this morning. AJ rubs it in by sending vido on phone of he and Rory on Airdyne.

Going to do mountain climbers or burpees as a sub.

Angelo Fosco said...

Congrats on 300FY! That is amazing.

Did a scaled version of todays training then a metcon with a buddy.

A. Complete @ 235#'s
B. 1-5-1 complete and surprisingly easy/fast (about 8 minutes).
C. 2 sets as rx'd
D. 2 sets decline sit ups rx'd
D2. 2 sets as rx'd

Then from mainsite:
5 rounds
500m row
135# thrusters 7 reps

Tomorrow going to hit the barbell complex from saturday with ring dips instead of pull ups then a wod with a buddy. My friend is opening up his own box by me (jan 8th), the first around here. So I've been doing the wods with him at the globo as well as the blog training. Really cool to finally have a work out buddy to compete with. Thanks again for everything James, and Happy holidays!

P.S. nice job rory making the scouting report on You are a beast.

Brandon said...

Been on vacation...playing a little catch up today.

Friday 12/24:
PC: 235
Row: 1:25.6 (PR by 3s)

Saturday 12/25
FS/PP/Thr.: 115/120/135/145/155
CTB: ub x 5

Called it before the thrusters...body and brain are both done.

In and out for vacation again the next week, back on 1/2. Nice work Coach!

Ross Blake said...

Part 2.

Done on rower.
Screen ony erg at gome wasn't working so just rolled with the intensity.

5min easy
8sets: complete
5min z1

pwo: (lunch) turkey, spinach, tomato, onion, avocado, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coconut water, black tea and revive bar..

Kent said...

@ SJ
If you set up the intervals on your rower, then after you are done you can hit rerow, find your workout and then hit the information button to review. Once in you can change the units to find watts, metres, cals/hr etc.

Hope that works for you,

sj said...

Thanks Kent. :)

Anonymous said...

A: 3x100, 2x115, 2x117.5, 3x120, 2x125kg.
B: Scaled to 1-4 ladder. Normal HSPU. This was very much a strength devlpt type stimulus for me. Took around 25 minutes.
C: Subbed for Good Mornings with 20kg.
D1: All complete.
D2. Sub for 12 anchored sit ups AFAP.

Lauren said...

all over the place on this WOD

A. 185
B. Couldn't even do one HSPU today?!?! do negs for deoth
C. completed
D1. not exactly sure what this was - but attempted what I thought. Not for 45 sec. Then just did some other ring work
D2. Completed

Part 2
I did this on a spinning bike, not the same, but didn't feeling like rowing, which is also not the same, but the best I could do!