thurs, dec 16, 2010

the differential - a VERY interesting way to sort out what we talk about in the CCP program design certs about "prioritization" and balance in fitness; would you want a long career in which you had a high differential or a low differential? an interesting dilemma..or is it?


2 pd/1.5 pd KB Swing Breathing Ladder
(1-15; 1 swing, 1 breath, 2 swings, 2 HAVE TO attempt the next set when breaths are done - if you complete it, post the time; it is for control, not speed)
rest 5 min
For time:
1 muscle up, 10 unbroken ring dips, 1 muscle up, 9 unbroken ring dips...down to 1 muscle up, 1 ring dip
(you must start the ring dips immediately AFTER your muscle up attempt, i.e. muscle up INTO the 1st ring dip and begin the dips; muscle ups from COMPLETE hang and arms straight; if you come down from the dips, you know what happens!)
rest 5 min
AMRAP AirDyne cals in 2 minutes

post notes, times and cals to comments

milk glue
meat glue


vadim said...

Hi coach. I'm Vadim from Kazan,Russia. I've been followed your programming almost one year. I have REALLY great improvements in all phisical aspects. And what is more important for me- is enhacment in mental toughness. UNBROKEN. Sometimes I did wods twice,if didn't success in the first time. More of that,as a personal trainer,I'm studying and learning a lot from you.
Thank you for your job. Great community!

Soren said...

Swings; 2pd; As Rx, around 8 min
MU - complete - missed the for time sign
AMRAP Cal - done on rower; 59

Great workout


Jakob said...

Vadim, WORD on the unbroken part!

swings done with 31,5kg, completed
just got my rings, no muscle ups
did 6 rounds of 10 pull ups and 10 dips AFAP
any suggestions on how to get a muscle ups? :)
Rower: 50 cal

AJ Moore said...

Yesterdays scores- from row/burpee/d.u.
rest 10

about to hit todays, James, forgive my ignorance but is breathing allowed during the swings or is it to be hypoxic?

AJ Moore said...


Disregard last post...

Garage Crossfitter said...

Glue- not cool, what happened to normal food? GRAS is bullshit, the FDA will approve anything that makes the government more money. Stick to your raw milk and grassfed organic meats.

I personally wouldnt care so much about where my differential stood, as long as I was putting out 100% during my training and all events, I would simply let scores fall into place. There are numerous reasons why those decathalon points can differ.....but as long as you always remember "full effort" you'll all good.

NW said...

AJ, Steve, Rory, Nathan, Unit - I'm convinced you're all robots...:) Sick, sick numbers guys. Inspiring.

Press 3x5 @ 100# (rebuilding strength

Breathing Ladder - 13:58
MU/Dips - 8:32
Airdyne Cals - 61

Scap work - powell raises, ext rotation, trap 3

Gord said...

A. Finished 12 swings
B. MU/RD couplet- 8:05
C. 61 cals

AJ Moore said...

kb swing ladder complete, didnt time, felt easy

muscle up/ring dip-3:39 rxd, 2010 games standard M.U.

55 cals

Notes- I FUCKING hate that airdyne... End of Notes
Hit 35 the first minute and thought I could hold it,.... I was wrong.

Steve Smith said...

now you've got me curious. Other than swimming, I've never done anything hypoxic. Did you try it with todays workout?

kent said...

kb breathing ladder complete agree with AJ felt a little easy.
did bar muscle up and regular dips on a dip rack this doesnt seem to make my shoulder hurt as bad. 8:00
61 cal on airdyne

PTS said...

KB ladder- 7:58
mu-dips - 5:15
52 cals ? I was way ahead of this on 300FY.

OPT said...

vadim, good to hear you again, you're now in NY right??
keep in touch

AJ, hypoxic states are good for training purposes at times...i.e. finishing kick while breath holding at end of short, anaerobic lactic workouts/sessions/tests...not in this case

everyone, it is OK for some things to be easy...there is nothing wrong with that...hard too often is lower order training

OPT said...


you must do the ring dips immediately after the muscle up is made, you can come down AFTER the ring dips are over...i should have explained that more clearly

i.e. you cannot do 1 muscle up, rest, then 10 ring 1 MU, 10 dips, rest if needed, 1 MU, 9 ring dips, rest if needed...t

AJ Moore said...


Agreed with the easy at times, wasnt talking smack, just notes. I like the hypoxic kick, noted. I did complete the muscle up/ring dip as you have just stated, 10-9-8 sets were done with out coming off of rings.

Steve, I did not do it while holding my breath.

Lisa M said...


Your profile picture cracks me up!! Although at the same time is quite disturbing I am sue there is quite the story behind that one.

James I posted yesterday regarding
Shoulder issue if it hurts too much to do te three scalular stability exercises does that mean I just need to completely rest for a big or do I grind through it with lighter weight maybe?? Thanks

Chris Dunkin said...

kb ladder: 7:51
MU/RD ladder: 10:00
Airdyne: 63

did mu/rd on the minute. due to shoulder strain, focused on ext. rot. at the top of each ring dip. also no crossing the legs which allowed nice "hollow" position on each ring dip. felt immediate relief in the pull of the mu as a result.

Sean LeFloch said...

KB swing ladder:
Got to 12 breaths on ladder before I had to put the KB down. I read this as, "Do 5 kb swings, put it down, take 5 breahts, pick it back up do 6." I found this quite hard despite taking controlled breaths between sets. This could be a correlation to my lack of kick during races/events.

MU/Dip: subbed with scap work

2min airdyne: 57 calories. My quads are the rate limiter here. They completely burn out and I have no ability to churn!

OPT said...

Lisa, what movements cause the pain without load?

Jeff @CF Redline said...

KBS Ladder: 8:00 (Completed as prescribed)

Muscle-up/Ring Dip: 2:34 (Completed as prescribed)

Air Dyne in 2 min: Kept RPM above 9 for first 45 sec, then at 7 for next 30 sec, then at 5 for last 45 sec
**(We have an old school bike that does not calculate cals, but it's a gold schwinn so at least it looks cool!)**

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

A) Incomplete -good until 13 then broke up the swings due to poor grip strength and lost my breathing rep scheme.

B)No Muscle ups - did the ring dips tho unbroken in 2:48. then did some quick muscle up progression work during my rest before C.

C) Above 9rpm first Minute, above 7 next :30, above 5rpms last :30

Lisa M said...


Extreme pain with kipping pullups and toes to bar or K2E as i come into full extension at the bottom and then just as i press forward to bring myself up so flexion and slight internal rotation at shoulder with full extension KILLS at anterior superior aspect. If i do controlled pullups it isn't as bad but kipping is horrible. So i tried the shoulder 3 and i am good going into external rotation or with powell raises or trap 3 ok with the concentric portion but the eccentric almost drops me, the pain is in the same place - not sure if it is supraspinatus, part of pec, or maybe lats insertion? So am at a bit of a loss. I took a couple of weeks off of kipping stuff but it isn't any better. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also at rest if i internally rotate and abduct it is god awful which leads me to believe it is supraspinatus. But really does it matter its more about balancing weakness to take the strain off i think.

Lisa M said...

oops didn't read that you wanted pain at rest. Mostly if shoulder is internally rotated and going into abduction or if i am in full extension overhead as i begin to lower the arm it is brutal so mostly eccentric movements are killer.

Paul Smith said...

Yesterdays Part 2:

1:41, 1:47, 1:51, 2:10, 2:11

1:52, 1:59, 2:05, 2:21, 2:02

Really discouraged with this. DU kept getting worse and worse so I had to go 100 % on the burpees and rows just to keep my times down.

Brandon said...

KB Ladder: Either 7:52 or 8:52 (forgot to write it down before I cleared the timer for MU)

MU/Dip: 4:50 - slowed down just a bit to ensure no failed reps

Subbed row cals: 60

The row crushed me. On a positive note, I pulled sub 1:28 for 500 which is a PR for me.

Anonymous said...


11 rounds + 10 KBS in 6:56
7:32 (Had to sub 3 RR for MU and push-ups for dips...having some elbow issues)
29 Calories

Brent Maier said...

LisaM: As a non-specialist in this area, I have the same issue on occasion with my right shoulder. Very random but it all started over a year ago when doing wide grip pullups. There appears to be no relation to how much I stretched that day or how fatigued my shoulders because of previous workouts. When the shoulder gets that pain, I shift to a narrow shoulder grip (or within 1-2 inches outside the shoulder) and it aligns my shoulder in a way the pain stops immediately. It may happen to me once in a 6-8 week spread but in short, a narrow grip ALWAYS resolves the pain and prevents it from occurring in the first place. That may help you continue to train while you search for a solution.

Nathan H. said...

NW, thanks brother. Not too bad yourself.

KB ladder with 80lb KB completed. Last couple sets were tough.

longer than RXd rest time, equipment issues

MU/RD: 5:30
Might have counted the dip on the muscleup as a ring dip on the set 10 and 9. Realized it and fixed it, but probably a couple reps off.

Ski erg calories in 2 min: 49
1:40 average 500m

Brandon said...

How does the breathing work with the KBS? I'm not familiar with it.

Garage Crossfitter said...

KBS 7:13 unbroken- this smashed me
MU 6:32
satans tricycle- 45, i hate this machine :)

anyone know when we did the wod that was 100 reps 2pd kbs? around a year ago?

Steve Howell said...


david83 said...

Hello everyone
Okay, sorry totally messed up part one; I put the KB down after each swing and was focusing on only taking one breath per swing! SHIT

part one; 10:09-so one swing, one breath and so forth,

part two; was going really well until I missed two mu's was so pissed; 6:42

part three; rower
53 calories and 613 meters



Jon Sinclair said...

KBS - finished 14 then only finished 9 of last round (wasn't using chalk so grip was a big factor)
MU - 6:11
Biked for 20 mins

Casey said...

Hey Lisa, I had the same problem with my shoulders this summer and taking some time off from kipping while working strict pull-ups and strict pressing once a week really helped! I also worked on some shoulder mobility daily and tried to get a massage every couple weeks! I did that for about 2-3 months and my shoulders are better than ever!

Nathan H. said...

Oops, sorry Coach, shoulda gone with the 2pood on the swings. Forget myself sometimes.

David said...

Concentrated on deep, controlled breaths, felt good.


43 Cal on rower, damper 10

Kent said...

Reverse order due to equipment availability and time restraints.

Part 2


15 min rest

Part 1

A1 205,210,215,220,225#X3
A2 UNB first time doing 5X25 UNB
B 100 GHD situps 5:22

In part 2, much preferred doing DU's at beginning rather than end of round. I think a little more rest between part 2 and 1 would have helped the GHD time, got more than a little dizzy.

Pete @ CFN said...

Part 1: 9:08
Part 2: 3:14
Part 3: 73 cals

Lars said...

Only had time for the muscle up ring dip workout - 5:55.

Messed up and did the ring dips on a seperate set of rings.

Ross Blake said...

1. 7:45
2. 11: 38
3. Row - 55cal

notes: kbs was an epic mind battle (man vs metel lump!) first 3 sets of dips were strict. All muscle ups were strict. Didn't do part 2 yesterday sue to a virus. Feel good today.

Pwo: chicken, banana, 5g l-g

Steve Smith said...

Breathing Ladder - Complete
- Didn't time
- Lower back got pretty tight by the end

Muscle Ups - 3:08
- Rounds 10, 9, and 8 completed without coming off rings
- Full extension at the bottom, but didn't turn out at bottom (good job AJ)
- Almost didn't get the last dip. Sat at the top of the last MU for a split second.

2Min AMRAP Burpees - 49
- Need to buy a stupid AirDyne
- Burpees very tough after the MU work and Burpees yesterday

Steve Smith said...

NW - Thanks for the encouragement. It's old man strength.

Pete - Awesome job on the AirDyne and MUs!

ryandrew11 said...

1.5 pd, completed in 7:31

mucles up progressions and bar dips. Both are huge weaknesses so glad to work them. Dips were bad, could only string 2-3 together at a time. - 11:35

AirDyne - 60 cals. Legs hurting from yesterday's double.

Anthony Skvarka said...

Part 1 8.55 with 75 DB

Part 2 4.23

Part 3 on rower 45 cal.

1-888-316-4158 said...
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Ryan Hughes said...

a) Complete in around 9 minutes with 2 pood
b) 5:05
c) subbed C2 43 cals

Emilie P-B said...

KB Swings: Ladder completed in about 8:15. Concentrated on deep breaths. Last 2 sets were really hard. Just received my skins this week, I think it helps for the grip.

MU-Ring dip: I knew I couldn't do it Rx. So I did 1 muscleup+AMRAP ring dips (if I couln't get to # of reps prescribe)
Ring dips per set: 10-7-4-3-6-3-4-3-2-1 (at least 1 min rest between each set). Muscle ups were harder than usual today.

Brian Maier said...

sick with stomach bug yesterday so playing catch up.

Yesterday's WOD:

Part 2:

Joel B. said...

Could not train yesterday so I combined yesterday and today into 2 sessions today.

in the AM:
A1: 175, 180, 185, 195X3, 205X2
A2: complete ub
B: 5:05 (first time doing 100 for time on the new ghd)

5 min rest

2 pd ladder: pussed out at 12

mu/dips: 10:59

5 min rest

2 min airdyne: 55cals

4 hrs rest

row/burpee/du sets:
2:02, 1:58, 1:57, 1:56, 1:55

10 min rest

du/burpee/row sets:
1:58, 1:57, 1:58, 1:57, 1:59

whew...probably too much for one day, especially the AM session to get the best out of the training.

Garage Crossfitter said...

steve- thks dawg!

jerf said...

Tough day of subbing at the globo...

Part1: 8:13 (65# db)
Part2: 5:33 (split bar...had to share)
Part3: 37.8 cal on the recumbent airdyne thingy in the distant corner of the gym (my max watt was 377 and I was MOVING)

Visiting my local affiliate this weekend. Eager to see if all these split bar MU's translate to the rings.

Adam Rogers said...

Kb ladder done, took around 9 minutes, grip was the hard part.

MU-dips done in 8:06

2 hard minutes on airdyne, but no working monitor

unit said...

A- 1-10-1 breathing ladder w/ 3pd [7:44]
B- 1:49
C- 76

- 'A' was methodical, controlled, painful... I'm crushed...
- came off every set of MU/dips... full ext, went right back up... felt gd...
- lil short... wanted 80, started 2 slow, minutes were 37/39
- finished with bench/dip/ring work...

I have lots of thoughts on the deca and performance but will spare the droning paragraphs for now...


Angelo Fosco said...

Treated today as an active rest day.

KB breathing ladder to 8.

Then 10-1 ladder of unbroken ring dips with 1 min rest.

Was 4th day straight so needed to take it easy. Going to power through tomorrows wod as long as bicep feels good so that I'm back on track with the programming.

├╝ber Bania said...

Double 35# DB swings in lieu of no KBs. Didn't time, but got to 14 rounds + 10 more reps on 15th round. Didn't realize it was 1-15 for time, I misread it again...ugh.

1MU/10Dips--> 1MU/1Dip done on bar, no rings.
4:51 on bar.

Amrap Calories on rower, 2min.
38 calories (640m, 500m in 1:32)

Amrap 155# C&J 10 minutes. Got 36.

Brent Maier said...


Swings 2pd: 7:44
Ladder: 3:11
Airdyne 2m Balls Out: 72 cals

derb said...


Yesterdays Results

Part 1

A: 185/195/205x2/205x1x2
C: 60 reps in 3:32(jumped off the ghd and smacked my knee into middle bar and just stopped)

Part 2

1st Set: 2:01/2:01/2:12/2:11/2:26(DU were the limiting factor)

2nd Set: 1:56/1:59(stopped there I was only going to do the first 5 but wanted to compare. I was really tired today and wasn't very motivated)

Todays Results

A: 10:14(I put the KB down between sets and took slow deep breathes)
B: 6:22(I was at 2:35 after the set of 5 reps and fell apart. I missed three MU which never happens)
C: 71(my airdyne is from the 70s and I don't know if this is cals or something else)

Thad said...

A1. FS 205,215, 225,1/230,1/230

2Pood swings 13

MU/Ring dips 5:54

Airdyne (subbed exercise bike, made resistance challenging) 24 cals

Kyle F said...

Wed Dec 15
Part 1
A2: As Rx'd
B: 6:49

Part 2
(subbed ran 1-1:30)

Thurs Dec 16, 2010

I thought the KB ladder was freakin LEGIT. I was hurtin. Arms were fried for the MUs but still havin fun.

Kyle F said...

Oh yea. No airdyne. Should have subbed something but I'm donzo.

Brian Maier said...

A1: 135,145,155,165,165,175(1),175(2)
A2: UB
A3: 8,5,4,4,4,3,2

Yesterday's WOD:
KBS ladder: 10:28
MU/RD's: 4:34

Lauren said...

playing a little bit of catch up, and promised myself not to let another MU/ring dip wod slip by.

PLUS Michael Smith was one of my track idols when i was a mini person and in grade 6 I approached him on the track and interviewed him for a school project. Pretty sure I didn't bring up the differential in his performances, but would be really interested in what I did ask.

KBS- 14 rounds

Practiced MUs- one attempt on the min bc I didn't make them all.
then death by ring dip...increase rind dip each min - 6 rounds

didn't have a airdyne so rowed 2km, and PBed 7:42

So didn't really follow this WOD as RXed but didn't let the ring work slip by.

Anonymous said...

A: Completed Rxd.
B: Torrential rain outside where I usually have the rings slung in the tree. Subbed MU for back squat to keep rehabing quad strain.

2x110, 4x112.5kg, 2x115,117.5, 120kg.
Ring Dips all UB.

No time for C - family xmas dinner to rush off to.