thurs, dec 30, 2010

Bill T breaks 3 min on Fran...congrats Billy

 "the simple truth"


A. Back Squat - 3 x 3 @ 80%; rest 90 sec
B. Front Squat - 3 x 3 @ 80%; rest 90 sec
C. Overhead Squat - 3 x 3 @ 80%; rest 90 sec

rest as needed

5 sets:
30 unbroken wall balls
rest 20 sec
25 unbroken chin ups
rest 3 min

post loads and notes to comments


Anonymous said...

From Tues.
Part 1: 9:57 for 4 rounds. Horrible.
Got everything wrong today. Interupted sleep, ate too close to training, dehydrated. Coordination all over the place.

Kent said...

Run today in the snow with bad footing. Hard to judge pace but HR 160 90% 120 70%

Marathon, Hmmmm...
Ran alot when younger, longer distance track mostly. One thing I am good at is setting a pace and holding it for a long time. I think I could run 1:50ish 400m's for a long time. My last 5km this summer was just over 20min which is a 1:36/400m pace. So my guess is 3:15ish if everything went right.

Reality check, the Boston marathon winner basically ran 105.5 consecutive 1:13 400 m's. Unreal

ryandrew11 said...

Part 1:

A. Back Squat - 205x3
B. Front Squat -160x3
C. Overhead Squat - 125x3

Part two later today

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Part1 5:00AM

Hips were hurting me this morning. Felt it in the bottom.. BS-hips below knees.. FS and OHS "Ass to Grass". Part 2 after work hopefully around 530 6pm
Diet has been good but sleep has been off. Very sore laying in bed.

Garage Crossfitter said...

A 195 215 225
B 155 175 195
C 135 140 145

part II 15 min later
2 rounds unbroken then shut er down.

I warmed up for over 30 min, very sore and every lift felt 2x heavier than it should have. I figured part 1 would maybe stimulate CNS and get me through part II, wrong. I could feel energy draining during round 2, no pop left. Lots of rest and stretching coming up.

Also any big dawgs that have any tips on what to stretch and any dynamic warmup movements before running because my low back-thorasic is super tight from over extending when i run. i stretch my psoas and hip flexors daily and do lots of Tspine mobs but i still run overextended, not cool.

Rich said...

A. 329 3x3
B. 275 3x3
C. 185 3x3

Chris Dunkin said...


3min rest

unbroken w/ 20lb ball
unbroken COVP

Part 1 was an effective "fuzz" remover. was very tight and sore upon arrival at the gym.

Rory Hanlin said...

A. 365 High Bar
B. 300
C. 250

All squats A2A. failed on the last rep of the last set of OHS.

Paul Smith said...

Rory, just notice your profile on the crossfit games website. I don't know if that's welcomed attention or not but congrats anyway.

ROBO said...

A. 340 high bar
B. 285
C. 225

225 is my 15 rep max but I am very fatigued. Had a couple failed rounds that I had to redo but got all reps. Ill give part 2 a try but im pretty spent.

Anonymous said...

A. 3/220x 3
B. 3/195 x 3
C. 3/150 x 3

30 min rest

Part 2:
Wall Balls UB
Last round of chin ups Broken

JHuet said...

a. 275, 295, 315
b. 225, 225, 245
c. 115, 115, 135

4rds unbroken and 5th broken on wall balls.

3rds unbroken and 4th and 5th were broken.

Paul Smith said...

Part 1 from Dec 28:

10 min rest

5K @ about 90%

I probably should have taken today off. Feeling fatigued. 1st set of DU UB but the rest were all broken up. 5k felt closer to 95%.

Steve Howell said...

Bench Press;
Set 1 @ 79kg x 3
Set 2 @ 90kg x 3
Set 3 @ 102kg x 3+ (+4)

From Dec 22nd

Time = 7:54

* pervious was 8:26
* Cleans; 8+4/4+3+2/4+2
* Muscle ups; 6+3+3/3+3+3/3+3

Emilie P-B said...

A. 140lbs
B. 120 lbs
C. 85 lbs
(Used 80% of 1RM)

30 min rest

Wall ball/Pull ups:
1- UB (7kg) / UB
2- 15-10-5 (7kg) / UB
3- UB (5kg) / UB
4- UB (5kg) / UB
5- 22-8 (5kg) / UB

Decided to lower the weight of the ball on 3rd round to keep doing it unbroken. 7kg was to heavy to do 5 rounds UB, but 5kg was too light, Needed something inbetween. 5kg wasn't physically difficult, it was more a mentel issue. Lost my concentrartion in last set and fell on my butt at 22nd rep!
Pullups: really hard for the grip, forearms were burning!
This workout kind of remind me the 3rd wod at Regionals last year......
(sorry for the long post again... I'll be working on shorter post next wek ;)

Jeff @CF Redline said...


From 12/28/10:

Part 1 - 7 rds for time:
245# DL x10
50 D/U
Time - 13:31

Part 2 - AMRAP 15 Min:
10 Burpees
10 Push ups
10 Ring Dips

Total Reps = 246

Vic @ CF Redline said...

Part 1:

A. BS-196x3
B. FS-156x3
C. OHS-135x3

Rested 20 min.

Part 2: (Also timed each set)

Used #20 Wall Ball

1. UB,UB/1:58
2. UB,Broken/2:45
3. Broken,Broken/3:30
4. Broken,Broken/4:00
5. Broken,Broken/4:38

Between thrusters and wall balls I fatigue fast during WOD's so these last couple training session have been good for me to work on these weakness.

Tyler L said...

a. 235, 245, 255
b. 185, 195, 205
c. 135, 135, 145

part 2 wb unbroken, only 12 lb ball so I went for height, pu ub, 20-5,17-8,17-8, 16-5-4

Joel B. said...

First day back from self imposed time off. Wasn't sure if 80% was perceived effort or % of 1RM. went with % of 1rm.

A: 195, 200, 205
LBBS was 265 last...did HB today.

B: 180, 185, 190

C: 140, 145, 150

Scaled couplet to 25 WB and 20 cu for first day back. It was plenty.

Thanks for weighing in yesterday ROBO. You are right that one can't make up time. I always feel I am leaving it on the table missing but I need to get past that. Hate missing the chance to prove improvement on the tests although I know the improvement is there.

Kent said...

A 245
B 190
C 135

only time for 3 rounds but all UNB

Off to San Diego for a few days. May try to hit a couple workouts but mostly taking it EZ~

Rory Hanlin said...

Part 2

6 sets all complete

worked on speed and efficiency of movement.
did butterfly kip pull ups. haven't done those in a while...

David said...

Part 1:
A: 264
B: 232
C: 168
Kept on pace for 90s rest.

unit said...

Rory... 6 sets?... 1 for extra credit?...

Tues Dec 28th
part 1- 8:39 (9:03)
30 min
part 2- 330 (240)

-DL felt gd...
-alternated jump ropes every set... DUs winded me...
-feel stronger with pushups/dips... burpees were brutal... reps felt slow but methodical and deliberate...


unit said...

shit... miscounted my chalk marks... just looked at the ground again... 10rnds (300), not 11...

Anthony Skvarka said...

Pretty beat up right.

part 1
a. 315 lbs
b. 225 lbs
c. 185 lbs

Part 2

ROBO said...

Unit- unbelievable results for the amrap good job I was done after round 2 haha

Lars said...

A. 300, 315, 320
B. 245, 255, 265
C. 165, 180, 190x2

Back squats felt easy today.

Front squats, no problem.

OHS - my nemesis, felt okay, but lost it on the way up on the last rep.

My left knee has been cracking a lot lately, no pain, but lots of noise?!?

No time for part 2 today, prepping for my jack and jill tomorrow night.

PTS said...

part 1:

9 hrs rest

part 2:
4 rds unbroken.
last rd 19/11 and 12/8/5.

ready for rest.

ryandrew11 said...

Part 1.
A. Back Squat - 205x3
B. Front Squat -160x3
C. Overhead Squat - 125x3

Part 2:
scaled to 10 pull-ups per round
All 5 rounds unbroken

Anonymous said...

Tues 28.12.
Part 2: 5+4 Burps. Hard, hard, hard.

Ross Blake said...

Part 1.

On a road trip with limited gear so had to make a few changes..

A. Hbbs 80kg x5x3
B. Fs 72.5kg x3x3
C. Ohs 70kg x2x2, x1x2

notes: no rack today so had to clean and jerk before squating. OHS was not on today. Pretty busted after the last few days.

Adam Rogers said...

C-skill work with bar

Part 2
All wallballs unbroken
3 unbroken sets of pullups, then 14, 15

Casey S. said...

BS 135-3x3..Felt pretty easy I suspect my 1RM has gone up a bit, since I did do 15reps at 155 at a comp. the weekend before last.
FS 110-3x3...Felt good!
OHS 95 3x3...not 80% my shoulders were not having this today so I stayed decently light on these.

Part 2:
All wallballs unbroken and did strict pull-ups (def.broken)since my shoulders have been bothering me lately (rotator cuff issues), plus I need to build those bad boys up again! Had a fellow trainer work on my shoulders for a while, which made them feel a lot looser and better. Gotta keep up the mobility for my internal rotation problems! I surprisingly feel awesome for 3hard days of WODs though...esp. since this this my first week of your programming, like it so far!

slow jerf said...

Part 1:

BS- 295
FS- 225
OHS- 155 (70%. afraid of dropping weight at globo.)

Part II tomorrow.

Gaspasser said...

305 BS
255 FS
185 OHS

Brent Maier said...


BS: 132kg
FS: 120kg
OHS: 88kg

WB/PU's: All WB were 30# @ 10' and unbroken. Modified PU's to a 25 rep complex. After first round of WB, I thought it was a mistake and almost dropped to 20# but stuck it out.

OHS felt very heavy and uncomfortable the first set but 3rd round was easy because I was committing to the movement much better. Post WO with external db rotations. Shoulders smoked!

Anonymous said...

This is Nate.

Calves are RIDICULOUSLY sore. Had a back injury a couple weeks back doing squats so I kept it light:


All reps done slow, controlled and deep.

Part 2:

Wallballs unbroken. Pull-ups unbroken first 3 sets. 23 on the 4th set and 17 on the 5th. My grip gave out, the pull felt good.

Pete @ CFN said...

A. 260
B. 225
C. 160, 135×2

Then 3 rounds unbroken

AJ Moore said...

A 340 HBBS
B 290
C 225

part 2 all unbroken

sj said...

Strength work: 170#/145#/115#
-mmmmm strength work, felt really good, had to REALLY warm-up calves & feet wow
-high bar back sqt

Wallball/Chin-ups: 14# ball, first 2 rds WB UB, chin-ups....yeah, I'm working on this.
- noticed on this that I need to watch my breathing

Got back on the climbing wall after a few years. :) Looking forward to climbing more often.

Nathan H. said...

Run from yesterday completed.

david83 said...

Hi Everyone
sorry havent been posting was on vacation in the states. Today was not a good day, sleep, stress and food all off. Need to get back focused. Pissed at myself

part one
205- could only do one set, shoulder was not liking this at all!

3 hour rest
part two - only did four sets, enery low
four sets unbroken for wall balls
pull-ups-only two sets unbroken then 14, 10

good scores out there, tomorrow is a new day.


Stephen B. said...

Last Saturday WOD:

FS/PP/THR.:140/145/150/155(f on 2nd thruster)/155 (f on 4th PP)...grip smoked



1 thruster every 30 sec: 145/150/155/160/165/170/175/180/185(f)/185/
...missed the 30 sec mark a few times resetting weights after a fail...should have worked up to a challenging weight and stayed there...will know for next time

no part 2...might get at it tomorrow cuz I'd like to run

JHo said...

BS-135: 3/3/3
FS-112: 3/3/3
OHS-96 1/0/3

Too long since last heavy OHS. Felt off balance today.Working on too little sleep as well.

Wall Ball and Pull ups all unbroken.

Julian Cruz said...

training from Dec 28:

Part 1: 14:06
Conditioning is off should have been faster. A lot of time was wasted on transition.

Part 2: 203 reps

Steve Smith said...

Getting caught up posting

Part 2 from Tuesday:

Either 286 or 321 reps (9 or 10 rounds plus 16 reps) - Straight sucked. Muscle failure came fast


- Made it 4 miles during intervals. Very difficult.

Marathon estimation approx 3.5-3.9 hours.


Part 1:

Squats - 340#
Front Squats - 295#
OH Squats - 225#

- High bar BS and A2A throughout
- Felt strong/good
- Played with Kettlebells and Bands

Part 2:

Dinner and open presents with the family. Wonderful times.

Heavy Evy said...

1hr skate in -17C with the boy, windchill needed to f-off!

Part 1.
A. 286
B. 253
C. 177
Read it as 80% of 1rm, so I based it off my last 1rms. High Bar, ass to grass for all.

15min rest

Part 2: Unbroken, 20#/10'

Much needed Chiro tommorow.

Heavy Evy said...

After those deadlifts on tuesday, I honestly didn't think I was going to get another wod in this week as my lower back was trashed, but I spent a bunch of time sitting on the lax ball, worked the glutes/hammies doing the leg pumping mwod stuff, and it definately helped me get out of bed easier this morning.

Ross Blake said...

part 2.

subbed barbell thruster @ 20kg

Set 1, 2,3,4: UB/UB
Set 5: 15,15/11,9,5

will implement unbroken rules next phase. still building into this volume.

vadim said...

Happy New Year,dear friends!

vadim said...

Happy New Year!
Good trainings and best results!
A lot of PR's!:)))

Chris said...


I have looked at the Calgary Crossfit Site and have been trying to workout what the differences are between the 2 programs. The OPT site is obviously split into 2 sessions and there seems to be more lifting and strength work. Can I presume that the OPT Site is for the more advanced trainer? I like the look of the OPT Routines but cannot afford that amount of time, how would anyine suggest I combined the 2 into 1 session without burning out. Thanks Chris

unit said...

~3.5 hrs (8:00/mi)... guestimate...


jerf said...

Part 2: (subbed 45# thruster for wallball)

4-20/10, UB
5-15/15, UB

External rotation work. Trying to fix my Jersey Shore shoulders.

Jared-CF Redline said...

A. 205
B. 165
C. 155(3), 145(3),145(3)

felt like i had no midline stabilization on ohs.

Anthony said...


BS 195#
FS 155#
OHS 135#

Couplet: first 4 rounds unbroken. Last round wall balls broken into 16+14. Pullups 13+8+4

Horribly painful forearms. Tried to stay true to prescribed rest but I know I snuck in extra seconds.

Happy New Year to all of you. Be safe this weekend Dawgs.

B Rott said...

BS 300
FS 245
OHS 175

wall ball and pullups unbroken

DeeJay said...

atta boy Bill T!

Anonymous said...

Nate again...

2 min rest between part 1 and 2...had no time to split them up. didn't really affect me cause it was my grip that gave out anyways.

nice job unit! got me by 10 reps! and steve, if you hit 10+16 that's nasty! well 9+16's great too so either way nice work!

now to make sure i'm hydrated for tomorrow after tonight...

Nathan H. said...

BS: 335
FS: 300
OHS: 250

First 4 rounds unb
5th round 20Wbs + 15PU (kept 20 sec rest b/t)
smoked the shit out of me.
HR was up to 179. Dying. WBs are horrible for me, but exactly what I need. Love it!

Jeff @CF Redline said...

Part 1:

BS - 250#
FS - 210#
OHS - 145#

10 min rest

Part 2: 5 rds
30 unbroken wall balls
25 unbroken chin ups

All 5 sets unbroken, except I accidentally dropped the ball on set #5 at the 26th rep

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 24

Power Clean: 105kg
Row: 1:29.0

PC/BS = 66%

* Felt really slow today had no explosion on the PC.

Lars said...

Had a few minutes today so did 3 sets of Part 2.


WB x 30 UB
Pullups x 25 UB

Wow, does that ever burn after the 3rd set my forearms were toast!

Rich said...

Part 2 - 5 rds complete / broke on last set on wall ball @ 17 (used 30lb med ball)

Eric Montgomery said...

A. 286x3x3
B. 198x3x3
C. 132x3x3

All fairly easy.

Part 2--cut to 2 rounds, still easing back into this whole OPT thing. All unbroken, 1:59 per round including 20s rest. COVP on pullups.

Stephen B. said...

Dec. 26th workout:

Part 1:
A. 12 sets of 2 complete @ 255#
B. ring hspu ladder: subbed regular hspu off 1 3" (45#) plate under each hand...complete...all strict
C. didn't ghd machine
D1. front leaning rest: complete x 4
D2. no ghd...subbed weighted sit-ups (25#kb) at tempo...complete x 4

rest 5 min

Part 2:
airdyne: all sets complete...was on an old airdyne with no working display so couldn't track cals...the 90% efforts hurt! love that machine

been bouncin around gyms lately given all the odd hours due to the holiday season...bit of a pain in the ass, but like workin out in different places...gonna get some rest and marble slab ice cream tomorrow

Happy new year DAWGS!

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