tues, dec 21, 2010

the road back is a long one the more advanced you get

Best finish of year on FloTrack

What was your best training moment of the year 2010?
Post to comments.

Hannah's workout last night:
- ring swings off box x 20
0 sec rest
- 5 rope swings
0 sec rest
- clean and press 12# bar x 3
10 sec rest b/t sets
- 10 assisted chin ups
0 sec rest
- at least 50 ball swings to med ball target
giggling as rest
- 20# ball to shoulder
then of course she wanted to check her form on the video...


Hattie said...

Getting my first pull-up in February 2010 was my favourite training moment.

The year was full of training ups and downs but definitely looking forward to what lies ahead.

Anthony said...

Good job Hannah!!! Emma is ready to workout with you February.

Anonymous said...

Um...Hannah is adorable!

I agree with Hattie, the year was full of ups and downs. I would say getting my first MU was my fav moment, followed by first HSPU and stringing MUs together. I am so excited to see what 2011 has in store for me and what I have for 2011! RAWR!!!

Rory Hanlin said...

Favorite Training moment:

Feeling 100% for the first time this year, the week before the South GA Throwdown in October.

It took me three months to recover/detox from the year of punishment that the Army put me through. The whole time I just did not realize that I was perpetually running at about 80% until recently. Its refreshing...

Angelo Fosco said...

I can easily say that getting my first ring hspu was my favorite moment. When I saw the ring hspu/clean wod at the games I thought to myself "I'll never be able to compete with those guys cause I'll never be able to do a ring hspu." Now I can do a set of 6. Thanks for everything the past 6 months opt, can't wait to see what you got planned for us in 2011.

Also, Hannah really is adorable. Can't wait to be a daddy someday.

AJ Moore said...

About a month before the southeast regionals when I did Fran in 2:13, which wasn't even a PR but it felt as if I had not even done a workout. I knew that my training plan was working and I was going to have a strong showing that year. Second favorite training moment is when Rory and I started to train together, has been uphill since then.

Steve Smith said...

There have been several:

- One night training for SFAS, the stars were out, the moon was bright, and I was running sprints alone on the track. Beautiful.

- Passing SFAS

- After regionals. I screwed up pretty badly on one of the workouts involving muscle-ups, then after some focus with coach, nailed 30 in unbroken sets of 5 during a metcon without much difficulty.

Looking forward to 2011 with you guys!

Geoff Aucoin said...

Woah, keep working hard DJ and you'll be strong like Hannah!

I can't nail a favourite 'training' moment for me this year unless the mental aspect counts. If it does, my new sense of self-awareness in the gym has been very important to my future as an athlete.

NCovino "CFRedline" said...

Finally having confidence that my knee was fully recovered and that I could do all the movements without pain!! Such a mental struggle to have an injury where you can't do 60 - 70% of the movements, then when you come back, being able to push thru that feeling of "Oh man I hope i dont reinjury this thing!!" Or " I dont think I can participate today beacuse of my knee." So Frustrating!!! Feels Great to be back.. Everyday in the gym and Pain Free (well at least knee pain free) is the best day in my training!

April said...

Couldn't resist the 60 minute row from yesterday.

Felt good being 5 weeks post-partum. Spent 18 of the last 25 months pregnant (thanks, Rory). Looking forward to making lots of progress in the next few months.

Lars said...

60 min row TT


Stopped 3 times to get a sip of water and wiggle some blood into my ass. It was bad, but not as bad as I thought it would be. Had a friend at the gym do it with me, which helped - thanks Arthur. Never really got super winded, but just uncomfortable.

ryandrew11 said...

My favorite moments have been seeing all of the progress I have been able to make. I am coming up on one year of crossfit, and at the start I was in terrible shape. Specifically I couldn't do a single pull-up, and am now able to string 17 kipping pull-ups together. I have been doing OPT for the past few months and my strength gains have been awesome. I can't wait for next year when I hope to tackle muscle-ups and handstand pushups.

NW said...

Favorite moments
- PR on fran by a minute to 3:03
- PR on Clean
- developing an "unbroken" mindset
- Finding an awesome community on here with people who push me! Thanks everybody, especially you OPT!


ouchbeyatch said...


Hello my name is Jeff and I am new to the OPT training site. I have just recently started following your program and believe it looks well thought out. I plan to begin posting on a regular basis.

My favorite moment was actually more of a time frame then a single moment. It was actually the sum of training that went to competing in the games as a member of the Fort Bragg team. I don't think I could have asked for better teammates, and was honored to just be around these folks.

Looking forward to 2011.....

Kent said...

In December 2009, I met Geoff Aucoin for the first time with limited expectations. Seriously, how much confidence can you have in a gangly Newfie sporting a hoodie and a headband who makes up words to supplement his challenged vocabulary.

Since then the gains I have made physically, nutritionally, psychologically, and spiritually are too numerous to mention. I am going to live a better life because of these changes. I can honestly say I am a better person than one year ago.

So, favourite training moment??

Walking throught the door at OPT Dec. 18, 2009 and having Geoff say to me through a mouthful of sausage, "S'up, Are you Kent? You're nowhere near as fat as I thought you were going to be. You almost look like an athlete."

Stephen Flamm @ CSC/CFN said...

Favorite training moment of the year was nailing a snatch of 88 kg at a bodyweight of 86 kg.

Anthony said...

2010 was an up and down year for me. I competed at 4 comps (sectionals & regionals) and had PRs here and there and finished 2nd in one local comp.

I had some injuries and a 2 month lay off for shear mental exhaustion.

This year's training moment for me was not during a workout or comp but in attending the Assessment CCP module.

I have set myself up for a great 2011 by registering for the Program Design module in February.

joey warren said...

My favorite moment occurred during the first wod of the soutwest regionals. I put in countless hours of training by myself and had to push myself a number of times in the rain, at 6am, during triple days, to just keep going. When I got to the regionals I knew the first wod of tire flips and log carry was not going to be my best and doubt started to enter my mind. Once it was "3-2-1-go" I did my thing and as my hammies started to burn I was able to push through and felt very strong. When I heard my time at the finish line I knoew I had beat some top guys from the previous heat, and I knew my training culminated to that point and it was going to pay off the rest of the day.

Now the second day was a different story as I really fell off, but something to work on in 2011!

Paul Smith said...

My greatest training moment would have to be joining this community. I work out alone so I can't express how great it is to have the daily motivation that comes from reading the "Big Dawgs" posts and trying to keep up. I know I've got a lot of goals that I would like to accomplish this next year and I'm looking forward to seeing what challenges lie ahead.

Sorry if all that sounded sappy.

Steve Howell said...

My favourite moment would have to be at Regionals.

Making it into the final heat of the weekend going against Mike Fitz, DJ, Brett Marshall, Dan Rogers and Garth Prouse... it was an unreal feeling.

Can't wait for 2011.

jerf said...

Top moment-

Strangely, it might be yesterday's row. I didn't do particularly well relative to the rest of the group but compared to the Jeff of 3 months ago, staying on a rower for 60 minutes is worthy of the Nobel Prize in Attitude Adjustment.

I told one of my training buddies that I had actually completed a 60 minute row, and he replied that its quite an accomplishment for someone as "aerobically challenged" as I am.

(I think my VO2 Max has soared up to 9.)

BUT! This does NOT mean that I will row for 90 minutes, so let's cool down a bit on the endurance thing and get back to my meat and potatoes: things that marginally involve sweating.

Emilie P-B said...

Best training moment was definitely my experience at Regionlas in Calgary. First time competing as an individual (not in a team). It helped me to get to know me better.
I also keep good memories of the time I spent training with LuLu, Angie, Jackie, Roch, Mizar and Pete, getting ready for Regionals.

Heavy Evy said...

A few stand out.

3. After 3months of BigDawgs/CF I got 8th in an event at sectionals, with a little encouragement from coach and another Big Dawg.(like a typical cf'er I even have a vid of it)

2. Doing 59 pull-ups unbroken.
1. Reaching my year end goal of a 200# snatch.

Great vid today coach, reminds me of me busting my 4yr old for not getting his chest to deck on his burpees!

Steve Howell said...

From Dec 12th

*only time for 3 sets of everything.
*subbed 30sec of burpees for airdyne

HPC: 75kg/80kg/85kg
Rows: 29sec/28sec/28sec
DL @ 112kg
Burpees: 15 for all 3 sets
BX/JL: Unbroken and fast.

Garage Crossfitter said...

My year had many up's and downs but my favorite training moment was taking 6th at sectionals and being in the best shape of my life up to 5 days prior to regionals, then I injuried my low back/pelvis. Then the rest of my year was a roller coaster, my wife and I sold our house, lived in tiny apt, i had to workout in a globogym for 12 weeks, stress levels very high with financial problems with building new house and crossfit gym. Finally settled into consistent training last 3 weeks, feeling good. I learned alot in the 12 weeks about myself. #1 thing was to have a vision, stay focused and dont let go of it, thanks coach.

Garage Crossfitter said...

One more thing, a moment i will never forget at sectionals....final heat of the weekend, tough chipper wod, i finish the wod, collapse and look to my right and watch dennis (dmarsh) fall, then wes, all within 10 seconds of each other, amazing feeling going into battle with those guys, 3 big dawgs in the final heat. I look forward to going into battle with PTS, David X and dmarsh(if he comes out from hiding) and wes maybe we'll meet at the cf games :)

Bear said...

Good work Hannah! I will be sending this to my niece Astrid! :)

My fave moment from the top of my head is a test-weekend from this summer with OPT3 among other things:


Just an awesome weekend, relaxed and fun, especially glad when the vid came up on the blog! :)

From last winter I had a great session, just lifting for fun:


Shoveling snow and a PB with 10 kg in power clean!! :)

Memorable competitions:
Fit as F*ck in Denmark: http://vimeo.com/15348027
Swedish CrossFit Championship (team-lifting event 3): http://vimeo.com/17049905

sj said...

This was actually my first year of competing at ANYthing and it was hard and amazing all at the same time. Massive personal growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Getting my first 3 muscle-ups out in our garage the other week. I <3 my garage.

Very much looking forward to 2011. :)

Brandon said...

A few come to mind.

We did a SJ and max chin workout in July sometime and I PRd SJ by 30lbs and chins by 8.

First linked MU and Ring HSPU were great also.

Last was the Catalyst Oly cycle...loved the whole thing.

BK said...

Sectionals waiting till the final 40 seconds and hitting 7 squat cleans at 215 . 6th rep went down on both knees with bar in the rack -recovered and nailed the 7th with five seconds to spare. Priceless memories.

Michael McCabe said...

the wallball/pullup workout from the canada regionals is my favourite moment and not because i did well... just the opposite! i'm pretty sure that's the closest i've come to enlightenment through pain.

i'm not particularly advanced but ever since then i've been slowly rebuilding the machine.

Lars said...

Best training moment of 2010 - traveling to Calgary with 3 guys from my own gym to compete at Regionals. What an experience!

Ohh, and finally learning how to Overhead squat!

Steve Smith said...

This has been great to read. Thanks, everyone.


Thad said...

Have had a lot of great moments, set a lot of new PR's through out the year.

Competing and feeling 100% at sectionals would be my favorite training moment.

Stephen B. said...

Part 1:

A.315# (high bar...ass to grass)

20 min rest

Part 2:

BBJ: 16/14/14/13...jumped 6'
DB Thrusters: 21/20/14/19
man-makers (20#/h): 7/5/5/5
BJ: 31/30/26/28...used 24" box (all I had access to)

notes: squats felt good...pull-ups were ok...

read that I should sub man-makers for ball slams...by the time I got to them, the man-makers beat me up good...slowwwwww...wish I'd had a slam ball...box jumps felt strong...

Anonymous said...

Favorite training moment.

Deciding to view fitness as a sport rather than a leisure activity. When I made that decision I discovered OPT and the Big Dawg Blog. I am like Paul and workout alone with no affiliate. This blog is full of knowledgeable people who are willing to help anyone to achieve their goals. I was able to e-mail a few people on here to seek advice and they were more than willing to help. You can't find a better Coach that is not only willing to make you a better athlete but also a better person.

Walking into Fran nervous but confident. Picked up the bar knowing it was only 21-15-9.

Completed rx'd 2:21 on 5-28-2010

Lauren said...

best moments was training up to the games with shelly and other local dawgs- and the ability to do mucles-ups on the first WOD at the games!